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  • Computer Science FAQs

  •  How can I apply for exemption credit

    Q1. What is exemption credit?
    A1. Students may apply to the Director of Computer Science for exemption credit based on lite experience or prior knowledge. An examination or certification may be required.

    Q2. How do I apply for exemption credit?
    A2. See the Director of Computer Science.

    Q3. What is the maximum number of exemption credits that I can receive?
    A4. The maximum number of exemption credits is 10.

    Q4. Who is eligible to apply for exemption credits?
    A4. Only matriculated degree students are awarded exemption credits.


     What is Waiver Exam?
    Q1. What is a waiver exam?
    A1. Generally, a waiver exam for a course is comparable to the final examination in that course.

    Q2. Do I get credit for a course if I pass a waiver exam?
    A2 No, credit is not given for a course for which a student have passed a waiver exam.
     What is Computer Science?
    Computer Science is:
    • Highly suited to people who are creative, enjoy solving puzzles, enjoy working with abstract concepts, and generally like to design and build things.
    • Open to students with or without programming experience
    • One of the most employable degrees you can get.
    According to one computer scientist:

    "Computer Science is one of the few academic disciplines that truly embodies the future. What other field has so much impact, is so omnipresent, and is changing the world so fast? In one discipline it combines fundamental science with immediate societal impact. "
     What programming languages would I use?

    Computer Science majors will became experts in C++ and Java Programming. Visual Basic is taught in MAC109.


     What is an Individualized Study course?
    The purpose of an individualized independent study is to allow a student to study an area of Computer Science that is offered by the College but has been cancelled for some reason. An individualized study course is supervised by a member of the full time department faculty and must have the approval of the Department Chair prior to registration; in such a course the student must be able to work with minimal supervision. Individualized study is limited to students under special circumstances.
     What is an Independent Study Course?
    The purpose of an Independent study course is to allow a student to study an area of Computer Science that is not offered as a class. Special permission is required from the department chairperson, and a full-time faculty member must be found to act as a supervisor, and a very defined course syllabus must be created---all prior to registering for the course.
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