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Learning Communities at LaGuardia: A Guide

LaGuardia Community College has a variety of learning communities for first year students including liberal arts clusters, ESL pairs, the New Student House, and First Year Academies. Our liberal arts clusters date from the 1970’s, our ESL Pairs and New Student House were conceived in the early 1990’s and our First Year Academies are being piloted this year (2003). LaGuardia’s learning communities are faculty designed, and while they are not team taught, they are highly integrated: faculty teaching in learning communities plan and refine a coordinated program of themes and related activities and assignments.

What is a Learning Community?

Two or more classes linked around a common theme, often with common readings and activities

Students and faculty working collaboratively in a friendly supportive atmosphere

Faculty planning together, and helping you make connections

A better way to learn and a place where you are encouraged to reflect on your learning

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Background Information:
Pedagogy, Assessment and Links
Types of Learning Communities at LaGuardia:
History and Description

Brief History and some Vignettes [pdf]

Assessment of Learning Communities at LaGuardia [ppt]

The Pedagogy of Learning Communities [ppt]

First Year Award [pdf]

Atlantic Center for Learning Communities

Brief Bibliography

National Learning Communities Project

Liberal Arts Clusters [pdf]

Developmental Learning Communities [pdf]

First Year Academies [pdf]




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