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ESL New Student House

The New Student House is an excellent cluster for new ESL098 students. As a student in this cluster, you will be a member of a close learning community which creates a sense of connectedness to the college for you and offers a supportive environment to help you develop the required English language skills to achieve academic success. The three professors work closely together to create a cohesive language learning environment for you with their on-going coordination of materials and tasks and reinforcement of language skills (reading, writing and speaking) through adherence to the joint syllabus and selected materials.


  • Complete ESL and Basic Skills requirements
  • Get credit for a college-level course
  • Meet financial aid requirements
  • Get a compact schedule
  • Make friends and work closely with a team of students
  • Take courses that offer related readings and assignments
  • Get connected to the college and community; go on field trips


A Common theme which, this year, is “Early 19th Century: Women’s Condition and Women’s Rights Movement.”

The rich syllabus includes a series of activities usually not provided at this intermediate level of ESL. You learn how to do a library research project which other ESL 098 students do not do. The syllabus also includes a field trip, a movie show, an all-day conference with the three professors about your academic progress, and other special events. These give you, the cluster student, a special advantage over other students taking ESL ONLY classes and enable you to improve the English language skills necessary to succeed in achieving your academic goals. Any student who needs the following courses may take the ESL New Student House Cluster.

The courses:
ESL 098: Intermediate ESL
CSE 095: Essentials of Reading
HUL 100: Communication for the Non-Native Speaker
FSM 098: New Student Seminar

This learning community offers three credits and 16.5 tuition units, which makes you a full time student and eligible for financial aid.

Rashida Aziz

LaGuardia Community College (CUNY), 31-10 Thomson Avenue, L.I.C., New York, NY 11101
Contact: Phyllis van Slyck, 718.482.5660, vanph@lagcc.cuny.edu