Blackboard Technical Support Team

    Melina Vargas - Blackboard Administrator
    Serge Dieme - IT Support Tech

    Blackboard Support:

    Phone: 718-482-6121
    x8868 x8877

    Our team provides "quick help" account technical  support to faculty and students.

    We provide the following services to help troubleshooting your technical questions, and account login issues:




    • Account login issues
    • Coping and archiving courses
    • Upload/download files issues
    • Missing courses
    • Creating a new organization
    • Missing navigation buttons
    • Page error messages
    • New hire access to Blackboard
    • ACE students access to Blackboard and more.


    • CUNY Portal credentials issues
    • Unable to find registered courses
    • Getting dropped from a course
    • Getting time out errors when taking a quiz
    • Page error messages when submitting or uploading assignments and homework
    • ACE students unable to access Blackboard, etc.

    Training and Instructional Team 

    Jetmir Troshani - Training Coordinator 
    Michael Cutajar - Training Instructor
    Gerard Irizarry - Training Instructor



    Training - Blackboard Clinic Area:

    B333a B333b
    Phone: 718-482-619 718-482-6109




    The Training staff provides tutoring and learner support services to the LaGuardia Community.

    Our team are your first point of contact to receive assistance with course questions.  






    • Making your course available
    • Building a course
    • Using the Blackboard tools
    • Creating tests, polls, quizes, groups
    • Managing Bb apps and Building Blocks
    • Merging courses sections
    • Managing the Gradecenter
    • Using iTunes U, Safeassign
    • Managing your organizations and more.





    • Managing your account
    • Threads and Discussion Board postings
    • Editing your personal information
    • Submitting an assignment
    • Checking your grades
    • Working with Safeassign
    • Using the Bb tools
    • Taking a test, etc

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