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      • HUA101 Introduction to Art 


      • HUA165 Art History: Prehistoric Through Gothic 

      • HUA166 Art History: Renaissance Through Modern 

      • HUA167 Introduction to African Art 

      • HUA191 The Art of Eastern Asia 

      • HUA200 Art of the Twentieth Century 

      • HUA215 Art of the Renaissance in Italy 

      • HUA285 Graphic Narrative 

      • HUA289 Art and Design Seminar 


      • HUA125 Introduction to Computer Art 

      • HUA126 Computer Art 2 

      • HUA127 Computer Art 3 


      • CEP121 Cooperative Education: Fundamentals of Professional Advancement 

      • CEP201 Cooperative Education Internship 

      • IND100 Portfolio Development 


      • HUA107 Form and Structure 

      • HUA207 Modelmaking I 

      • HUA212 History of Design 


      • HUC120 Mass Media and Their Evolution 

      • HUC130 Mass Communication and Society 

      • HUC150 The Art of Film 

      • HUC165 Film and the Supernatural 

      • HUC/ENG238 Screenwriting 

      • HUC240 Video Production Workshop 

      • HUC241 Video Production Workshop II 

      • HUC241 Video Production Workshop II 

      • HUC/ENG272 Literature and Film 

      • HUC275 American Film Comedy 


      • HUH100 Exploring the Humanities 


      • HUP101 Introduction to Philosophy 

      • HUP102 Critical Thinking  

      • HUP103 Creative Thinking: Theory and Practice  

      • HUP104 Ethics and Moral Issues  

      • HUP105 Philosophy of Religion  

      • HUP106 Social & Political Philosophy: Making a World of Difference  

      • HUP107 Philosophy of Art  

      • HUP108 Environmental Ethics  

      • HUP109 Philosophy of Law  

      • HUP112 Logic and Philosophy  

      • HUP114 Medical Ethics  

      • HUP116 Latin American Philosophy  

      • HUP118 African Philosophy  

      • HUP120 Eastern Philosophical Traditions  

      • HUP220 Philosophy of Mind  

      • HUP275 Landmarks in Philosophy  


      • HUA202 History of Photography 

      • HUA130 Beginning Photography 

      • HUA131 Digital Photography I 

      • HUA145 Studio Lighting 

      • HUA155 The View Camera, Large Format Photography 

      • HUA230 Intermediate Photography 

      • HUA231 Digital Photography II 

      • HUA234 Color Photography 

      • HUA235 Color Darkroom Techniques 

      • HUA238 Alternative Photography: The Manipulated Image 

      • HUA245 Studio Lighting II 

      • HUA275 Commercial Photography Workshop 

      • HUA280 Commercial Photography Seminar 


      • HUA103 Beginning Drawing 

      • HUA104 Introduction to Design 

      • HUA106 Three-Dimensional Designn 

      • HUA110 Beginning Painting 

      • HUA115 Color Theory 

      • HUA120 Beginning Sculpture 

      • HUA180 Life Drawing 

      • HUA185 Illustration 

      • HUA190 Technical Drawing 

      • HUA203 Intermediate Drawing 

      • HUA210 Intermediate Painting 

      • HUA220 Intermediate Sculpture 


      • HUN/SSN180 Introduction to Intercultural Communication 

      • HUN191 Photojournalism: An Introduction 

      • HUN192 Art and Society 

      • HUN195 Art in New York: A Museum/Gallery Seminar 

      • HUN196 Film and New York City 

      • HUN245 The New York Theatre Experience 

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