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    Simulation Laboratory (SIM-LAB) Courses

    The SIM-LAB is a state-of-the-art training feature to prepare students to work directly with clients. HSC102- the course on Principles of Human Relationships is the first class where students practice in the SIM-LAB. SIM stands for simulation. Simulation by using state-of-the-art medical mannequins (“robots”) enables students to interact in situations called scenarios based on real case studies. The SIM-LAB consists of an observation room behind a two-way mirror able to observe a room set-up depicting a medical emergency room. The SIM-LAB design helps mental health and gerontology trainees obtain valuable experience working with people. Human Services students have additional opportunities to practice in the SIM-LAB; once they have completed HSC102-Principles of Human Relations; in some of their Specialization CORE Courses that include but not limited to HSM140-Child Welfare, HSG150-Introduction to Geronotological Services, and HSE105-Working and Understanding Disabled Children.

    Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Laboratory

    The ADL LAB is a mock-up of an apartment designed to assist students in gaining experience completing home visiting. Home visiting is an important aspect of work with older adults and disabled children. It is an essential feature of work with people in supportive apartments or other living situations that are part of a social service organization’s program. Human services workers in hospice programs (specialized home care for the terminally ill) accomplish most of their work with clients in the client’s home. Human services workers are also employed by visiting nurse services to help clients obtain needed services from local and governmental programs. Students will participate in role-playing exercises in selected courses.

    Human Services Common-Day Conferences

    Each Spring I session the Human Services Program sponsors a conference on clinical and psychosocial topics that enrich the students’ knowledge base. The LaGuardia Center for the Performing Arts co-sponsors the Common-Day Conference along with other programs and clubs within the college. Past Common-Day Conferences focused on counseling with special populations, bereavement and depression, and domestic violence. Student attendance at the Common-Day Conference is MANDATORY for all Human Services Majors.

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