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    • Fieldwork Phase

    •  Admission to the Fieldwork Phase
      • You need to maintain a GPA of 2.0 to enter and REMAIN in the Fieldwork Phase. Students on academic probation are not eligible to enter the Fieldwork Phase. Students with a GPA below 2.0 while in the Fieldwork Phase cannot continue in the program until their GPA has improved or given specific permission by the Program Director of Human Services based on the recommendation of the student’s LAGCC based counselor. In addition, students must have a passing lettered grade for HSC101, HSC102 and the general education required courses of SSS 100*-Introduction to Sociology and SSY101*-Introduction to Psychology. (*See the general education requirements in the online catalogue)
      • In addition, HSS014 Cooperative Education Preparatory (Coop Prep)-Human Services helps you to develop a professional resume, prepares you with work readiness exercises, nurtures the development of your E-Portfolio and enables you to be assigned to your first fieldwork placement the following 12 week session
      • Advisement with the Program Director of Human Services is MANDATORY for all new and continuing students planning to enter this phase of the program.
      • You must register for the Fieldwork Seminar and the co-requisite lecture classes. This is a 5 (five) credit package (Fieldwork Seminar & Fieldwork-2 credits: lecture classes-3 credits)
      • As these classes are restricted, you will need to meet with the Program Director for Fieldwork Advisement in order to lift the stop (enabling you to register)

       Registration for the Fieldwork Phase

      Advisement with the Program Director of Human Services is MANDATORY for all new and continuing students.  

      • You must be placed, By The Fieldwork Coordinator, at a Fieldwork site before you can register for the First or Second Fieldwork Seminar.  
      • You must register for the Fieldwork Seminar and the co-requisite lecture classes at the same time.
      • This is a 5 (five) credit package (Fieldwork Seminar & Fieldwork-2 credits: lecture classes-3 credits)

      Learning by Doing

      Investment of Your Time in Your Professional Growth

      Fieldwork Placement Coordination

      Your Initial Interview at the Placement Fieldwork

      Fieldwork Agreement

      Attendance at Your Fieldwork Site

       Fieldwork Seminars
      • HSC203 is the first Fieldwork Placement seminar and HSM204 is the second Fieldwork Placement seminar; both are 2-credit classes.
      • As a Human Services major, you are required to attend two (2) Fieldwork Seminar courses.  These classes are sequentially completed.
      • They are not consecutively completed. Y
      • Your Fieldwork Seminars are an essential part of your education and comprise 30% of your Fieldwork Placement grade (the placement supervisor’s evaluation comprises 70% of your grade.)
      • Students that do not attend class according to the CUNY attendance policies will receive an F for the seminar portion of their Fieldwork Placement grade. Please note, an F for 30% of your grade added to an A for 70% of your grade, results in a final grade of C.
      • CASAC students must register for and attend the internship seminars.

      Learning Goals for First Fieldwork Experience & Seminar

      Learning Goals for Second Fieldwork Experience & Seminar

      Completing Your Fieldwork Placement Hours

       Fieldwork Lecture Courses
      • There are two lecture courses are co-requisites for your Fieldwork Seminars.
      • You must register for them at the same time.
      • This is a 5-credit package (2 credits for the Fieldwork Seminar & 3 credits for the lecture course.) 
      • The two Clinical Lecture courses are:
        • HSC135 – Human Services Roles and Systems (please note that this course’s pre-requisite are HSC101, HSC102 and SSS100*, the co-requisite is HSC203). This course focuses on management theories that are typically used in human services settings and their impact on practice (*See General Education requirements in the College Catalogue)
        • HSC130 - Activities for Human Services (please note that this course’s pre-requisites are MAT095.* HSC102 and SSY101*, the co-requisite is HSM204). HSC130 is the Human Services CAPSTONE class and synthesizes material learned throughout the program. This course focuses on the non-verbal therapies often used by human services workers in a variety of settings. This course requires a major E-Portfolio assignment. There is a Specific E-Portfolio Studio time scheduled as part of this class. (*See General Education requirements in the College Catalogue).
       Certified Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor - CASAC
      • Students that have completed the 360 hours of CASAC course work are eligible to apply for 6 prior learning credits upon admission to LAGCC and selection of Human Services/Mental health as their major. The prior learning credits are applied to the required entry level courses-HSC101-Orientation to Human Services and HSC102-Principles of Human Relations. CASAC students that have applied for prior learning credits do not have to take these courses.
        CASAC students are responsible for working with the E-Portfolio Studio to develop their own E-Portfolio which is ordinarily taught in HSC101.
      • For more information about Prior Learning Credits, please contact: Professor Janet M. Karlen; Coordinator of Credit for Prior Learning, jkarlen@lagcc.cuny.edu
      • Students in a CASAC-Training position can use their hours towards their fieldwork but still must register for and attend the required fieldwork seminar class. It is the student’s responsibility to provide proof of their position to the satisfaction of the Program Director.
       Additional Assistance
      • Any difficulties and concerns about your fieldwork placement should be discussed in your with the Fieldwork Coordinator, Professor Damien Pratt at 718-482-5986
      • From time to time, staffing and funding changes at your Fieldwork Placement fieldwork may disrupt your fieldwork experience. Please contact the Fieldwork Coordinator, Professor Damien Pratt at 718-482-5986
      • At times there can be delays in the College receiving your evaluation. It is your responsibility to communicate with your fieldwork supervisor to address the delay. The Fieldwork Coordinator is available to assist you.
      • The faculty and staff of the Human Services Program are here to help and support you. We wish you great success during your Fieldwork Placements and look forward to your graduation with an Associates of Arts Degree in Human Services.
      • You will be a great asset to the field of Human Services and for the sake of current and future clients; we are committed to helping you.
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