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    •  HSC101 Orientation to Human Services

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      This course is designed to provide students with a broad view of human services through a combination of field visits to community agencies and classroom presentations. Topics include an overview of human services as a profession; examination of similarities and differences in program functions and service delivery styles; identification of issues and concerns of workers and consumers.

      Prerequisite: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA099/ENC101

       HSC102 Principles of Human Relations

      3 credits; 3 hours (includes Simulation Lab)  

      Students will be given the opportunity to learn fundamental concepts and skills needed for relating to, and working with, people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The course work will focus on the principles of human relationships through discussions, exercises, and role-playing activities. Topics to be covered within a multicultural framework will include self-understanding, the helping relationship, using communication tools, and the professional self.

      Prerequisite: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA099/ENC101

       HSC130 Activities for Human Services Settings

      3 credits; 3 hours lecture, 1 hour Lab  

      This course will enable the student to understand the reasons for and uses of activity in human services settings. Topics covered will include theoretical frameworks underlying different approaches, an introduction to the range of activities, a consideration of the processes involved in using activities with clients, and the use of activities in relation to clients with different cultural heritages. Students will participate in selected activities and will develop a resource portfolio.

      Prerequisite: MAT095, HSC102, SSY101;

      Corequisite: A Cooperative Education internship in a related setting. Requires Faculty Approval

       HSC135 Human Services Roles and Systems

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      The students in this course will explore the concepts related to worker, supervisor and client roles in human services settings. Guidelines for specific roles will be identified. The dynamics of bureaucratic organizations will be discussed in relation to students’ experiences as interns. Understanding of elementary systems theory will be reinforced and alternative types of service delivery systems will be compared with the agencies known by the students.

      Prerequisite: HSC101, HSC102, SSS100 or SSB110; Requires Faculty Approval

       HSC160 Conflict Resolution

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      Students in this course will explore the nature of conflicts in a multicultural, pluralistic society, the difficulties that arise in resolving them and alternative methods for settling them in a peaceful way (negotiations, mediation, arbitration, adjudication). Special emphasis will be placed on mediation as an extension of the negotiation process in the resolution of interpersonal, community and workplace disputes.

      Prerequisite: ENC/ENG101, HUC101, SSS100 or SSY101 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSC203 Human Services Internship and Seminar 1

      2 credits; 1 seminar hour; 15 on-site internship hours  

      This combined internship and seminar introduces students to Human Services organizations where they relate to clients in multicultural settings under professional supervision. Students will learn to inter-relate theory and practice through the linking of assignments in field and classroom. They will also meet regularly in seminars to explore, demonstrate and evaluate specified knowledge- Health Sciences Department edge, skills and values related to the field.

      Prerequisite: HSC101, HSC102, HSS014, SSS100; GPA of 2.0 or better;

      Corequisite: HSC135 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSE105 Understanding and Working with Children with Disabilities

      3 credits; 3 hours (includes Simulation Lab)  

      This course is designed to link an understanding of the normal growth and development of children with an understanding of the special developmental problems of children with disabilities. Students will learn to identify the cognitive, affective, physical and social ways in which disabled children vary from other children. They will develop competence in evaluating and selecting culturally diverse activities and materials, which are appropriate for use with children with a range of disabilities.

      Prerequisite: SSY240 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSE111 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      This course will provide an overview of developmental disabilities and the nature and needs of disabled people throughout the life cycle. Issues to be explored include definition of developmental disabilities, etiology, normalization, mainstreaming and the role of the interdisciplinary team. Legal, ethical, and cultural considerations will be emphasized, as well as the impact of disabilities on the person affected the family and community. One field visit will be required.

      Prerequisite: ENC101 or ENG101, HSC102, SSS100 or SSB110, SSY101 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSG150 Introduction to Gerontological Services

      3 credits; 3 hours (includes Simulation Lab)  

      This course introduces students to the theories underlying practice in the area of gerontological services in New York City’s culturally diverse environment. Substantive areas covered include an overview of the social forces, policy issues and institutions impacting on older adults, major legislation affecting older adults, service delivery programs for a culturally diverse aging population, employment opportunities and career advancement in aging services. Field visits to a variety of service programs required.

      Prerequisite: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA099/ENC101 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSM120 Survey of Psychological Treatment Approaches

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      In this course, students will be introduced to treatment approaches most frequently used in mental health treatment settings in the United States. These will include psychoanalytic, Rogerian, behavioral, and other common treatment systems. Western concepts will be compared with approaches from other cultures. The development, theoretical framework, guidelines and uses of each approach will be considered. The class will review case studies demonstrating each approach.

      Prerequisite: HSC102, SSY101 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSM125 AIDS-Related Case Management

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      This course will enable students to learn about case management with clients who are HIV-positive or who have AIDS. Topics include the biopsychosocial aspects of HIV/AIDS, the role of worker in HIV prevention and testing, and providing services and functioning as a case manager or technician. The AIDS service delivery system, management of occupational risk, and self and group supports for the worker are also discussed. An AIDS-specific internship is a corequisite.

      Prerequisite: MAT096, HSC101, HSC102, HSC135, SSS100, SSB110, SCN194; Requires Faculty Approval

       HSM140 Principles of Child Welfare Services

      3 credits; 3 hours (includes Simulation Lab)  

      Students in this course will survey the history, laws, theoretical concepts, operating models and significant theorists related to child welfare services. A field visit to a child welfare agency will be required.

      Prerequisite: ENC/ENG101, HSC101, SSY101 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSM204 Human Services Internship and Seminar 2

      2 credits; 1 seminar hour; 15 on-site internship hours  

      This combined internship and seminar is a continuation of the learning process begun in HSC203. Students will work with clients in Human Services settings under professional supervision. They will also meet regularly in seminars to explore, demonstrate and evaluate specified knowledge, skills and values related to the field.

      Prerequisite: HSC203, GPA of 2.0 or better

      Corequisite: HSC130 Requires Faculty Approval

       HSN103 Community Dynamics: Impact on Human Services

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      Students will examine New York City’s multicultural urban community as an action system in the delivery of human services. Topics to be included are: the community decision-making process, community planning, the development of human services and community change techniques. Field visits will be made to community decision-making groups.

      Prerequisite: HSC101, SSS100 or SSB110 This is a Writing Intensive course.

       HSN110 Perspectives on Homelessness

      3 credits; 3 hours  

      Students in this course will study homelessness as a social problem. Topics will include factors contributing to the rise and persistence of homelessness, the meaning of homelessness to homeless people and to the general public and the emerging role of the human services system. Responses of people from different cultures to the scarcity of affordable housing will be explored. The course will explore the national scope of homelessness, but will focus primarily on the problem in New York City. Field trips will be made to program sites.

      Prerequisite: MAT095, SSS100 or SSB110 or SSE103 or SSE104 or SSY101;

      Pre- or Corequisite: ENC/ENG101 This is a Writing Intensive course.

       HSS014 Co-op Prep-Human Services

      0 credits; 1 hour  

      This course enables students to prepare for the internships that are required of all Human Services students, regardless of status. The course introduces students to the requirements and processes of the internship program. Students are assisted in recognizing their skills, writing learning objectives for their internships, preparing a resume, preparing for employment interviews and learning about Human Services careers.

      Prerequisite: CSE099, ENA/ENG/ESA099/ENC101

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