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    • Save your airline or train ticket stubs or e-tickets, boarding passes, detailed hotel bills, car rental bills, and receipts for all expenses other than personal meals. Credit cards slips are not adequate documentation for travel expenses, proof of travel, business meals or other travel-related exenditures.
    • For all travel, including local travel, complete the Travel Expense Voucher and Request for Payment Form (RF 041) within 5 days after the trip.
    • Make a copy of your receipts for your records and attach the originals to the Travel Expense Voucher.
    • If you received an advance, indicate the amount in the space provided and attach the appropriate copy of RF 040 to the Travel Expense Voucher. If the advance was more than the total of travel expenses, attach a check for the difference owed made payable to RFCUNY.
    • Attach documentation of the purpose of your trip to your travel voucher.
    • Submit form and documentation to your OTPS Team.

    Document Tracking

    To track the progress of travel reimbursement requests submitted to RF, refer to E-Services/Document Tracking - OTPS. You must have a copy of your Travel Expense Voucher with the bar code number reference at the top of the form.

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