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    • Subcontracts are awarded to third-party organizations to perform a portion of a project. These organizations are commonly referred to as Subrecipients. The terms of the relationship are documented in a subcontract agreement. The agreement will require the subrecipient to conduct its portion of the project in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and in compliance with the requirements of the prime award.

    How to obtain a subcontract  

    Please submit the following information:

    • No special request form is required. The Principal Investigator should submit a written request for a subcontract to the Foundation's Office of Legal Affairs. That request must contain the following information:

    • Name, Address and Telephone Number of Subcontractor
    • The Project Account Number 
    • Detailed Scope of Work and Budget   
    • Scope of Work. The subcontractor will be responsible for performance of a clearly separable portion of the prime project. The Scope of Work statement should be a detailed accurate description of the work to be performed by the Subcontractor. If applicable, it should contain any required deliverables and time schedules, as required by the prime project, or otherwise required.
    • Budget. A detailed line-item budget that contains the cost categories similar to the categories of the prime budget. The budget will be reviewed to determine that the subrecipient's portion of the costs of the project is reasonable and allowable. Any required subcontract cost share figures should be included, if applicable. Copies of the Subcontractor's Federal negotiated rate agreement may be required.
    • Start and termination dates of the Subcontractor's work
    • The names of any Key Personnel of the Subcontractor whose services are indispensable to the subcontract's successful completion
    • Attach documentation of the necessary IRB or IACUC approval from the appropriate institution(s) if the work of the Subcontractor involves research with Human or Animal Subjects.
    • Any other special Terms or Requirements  
    • College Approval. College Approval is required for the following CUNY Campuses - Requests should be first submitted to the College Grants Development, Sponsored Programs Office
    • Borough of Manhattan Community College
    • Bronx Community College
    • Brooklyn College
    • College of Staten Island
    • The Graduate Center, CUNY
    • John Jay College of Criminal Justice
    • Kingsborough Community College
    • LaGuardia Community College
    • Lehman College
    • Medgar Evers College
    • Queens College
    • Queensborough Community College
    • York College

    Legal Affairs will draw up a contract between the Foundation and the Subcontractor. Each subcontract is tailored to meet the needs of the project director and to comply with the requirements of the prime sponsor. A complete Subcontract typically consists of the following.

    • A tailored Subcontract cover page
    • Scope of Work (Appendix A)
    • Budget (Appendix B)
    • Special Terms and Conditions (Appendix C). This document is tailored for individual subcontracts
    • General Terms and Conditions (Appendix D)
    • Invoice (Appendix E)

    * The attachments are boilerplate language and may be tailored for any individual subcontract.

    The subcontract will be sent directly to the subcontractor. You will receive a copy of the Subcontract when it is fully executed.

    Subcontractors will be requested to provide a certificate of insurance for general liability with limits not less than one million dollars per occurrence, with the Research Foundation as additional insured and certificate holder
    Subcontracts under Federal contracts and grants will contain language requiring compliance with the audit provisions of OMB Circular A-133. Subcontractors will be requested to complete and return a Federal Audit Requirements Survey.

    Subcontractors will be requested to complete a Form W-9  Taxpayer Identification Number Form. This form must be completed and returned to: RFCUNY OTPS Department or faxed to 212-417-8489.
    Subcontractors will be instructed to use the P.I.'s name and campus address as a billing address.


    To authorize payment to a subcontractor, submit the original invoice and a signed Payment Request Form to Accounts Payable. Indicate the subcontract number in the appropriate place on the Payment Request.

    Keep in mind:

    • Grants or contracts are made to the Foundation under the assumption that there exists the technical expertise to carry out the project without extensive outside assistance. Project directors are expected to anticipate the requirements for subcontractors and to indicate the proposed use in grant applications or contract proposals.
    • Approval of the Subcontractor by the funding agency may be required by the terms of the award or agency regulations even when the award budget includes such services.
    • Inquiries about processing a subcontract should be directed to Legal Affairs at 212/417-8361.
    • Inquiries about payment to a subcontractor should be directed to your OTPS Team.

    Missing documentation will result in a delay in processing.
    Disclaimer: All information provided on this web site and the attached pages is intended for educational use only and should not be regarded or taken as legal advice that would be provided by an attorney to a client.


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