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    E-Stipend is a faster, more secure stipend and scholarship payment service for Principal Investigators and stipend/scholarship recipients. Stipends and scholarships with three or more equal monthly payments are converted into electronic payments via direct deposit instead of checks. Stipends with fewer payments will remain on a paper check basis.

    The benefits of the
    S-Stipend service include:


    • No lost, missing, or late checks. No check cashing fees for students or research assistants. No need for costly messenger service to distribute checks to campuses.
    • Payments are automatically generated on the same day of each month resulting in a more timely and predictable recurring payment schedule known in advance.
    • Project Directors and PIs can modify payments with minimal involvement.
    • Stipend/scholarship payments will be made electronically into the recipient's checking account via direct deposit. The RF will establish a free E-Fund account for recipients without a checking or savings account to facilitate direct deposit. Note: The student must be able to provide a valid social security number.




     If this is a new enrollment of stipend/scholarship recipients-
    Assemble the following documents for each eligible student:



    Stipend Fellowship Information    Banks Information  
    For U.S. citizens & resident aliens:     If the student already has a bank
    Direct Deposit Enrollment Form    
                                      OR   AND ONE OF                                OR 
    For non-resident aliens:         THE
    If the student does not have a bank account:
    Stipend account E-Fund Enrollment Form   

    How do I request stipend payments?

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