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  •  Purchases Under $5000

    Follow these steps:

    • obtain telephone quotes from qualified vendors
    • prepare a Small Order Form if the vendor requires one
    • call your project administrator for an order number and fiscal approval if your sponsor requires one
    • order the item(s) directly from the supplier over the phone or by sending them the vendor copy of the Small Order Form
    • after you receive the item, attach the vendor's original invoice and the receiving copy of the Small Order Form (if applicable) to a completed Payment Request Form (RF 021) and forward to your OTPS Team for processing. Remember to sign and date the form

    To be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses:

    • attach original itemized receipt to a completed Payment Request Form and forward to OTPS for processing. Be sure to fully document the purpose of each expenditure. For business meals, a list of attendees, and their project position, is required, along with a statement of the purpose for the meeting.
    • requests for reimbursement of credit card charges must be accompanied by an itemized receipt, especially for business meals. Requests based on summary credit card charges only cannot be honored.
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