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     FundsNet Services Online 

    An extensive, easy-to-use site. A great starting place. The site is organized into “Active Channels

    Searchable database of recent federal funding opportunities. Browse by keyword, category, or agency. 
    Searchable database of grant opportunities. 
    Duke University
    “Funding Opportunities”
    A well-designed searchable site. One can search for grant deadlines and grant opportunities by discipline (arts & humanities, community development, curriculum development, environmental & life sciences, international opportunities, medicine, multidisciplinary, physical sciences & engineering, social sciences) 
    Duke University
    “Funding Opportunities for New and Early-Career Faculty”
    A list of over 50 opportunities. 
    The Foundation Center
    The Foundation Center is the premier general site for longtime private and corporate foundations that provide grants
    “The Foundation Directory Online” is the most important database maintained by The Foundation Center. However, because access is restricted to subscribers, contact the Grants Development Office for assistance with this searchable feature.
    Note that from the home page of the Foundation Center, one can use the tab “Philanthropy News Digest”  and go to the “RFP Bulletin”  for a very helpful listing of new RFPs by categories include:
    AgingArts and CultureAthletics/SportsChildren and YouthCivil RightsDisabilitiesEducationEnvironmentHealthHuman ServicesJournalism/MediaMedical ResearchPhilanthropyReligionWomen. 
    Searchable database for funding sources in the sciences and in undergraduate science education. 
     The Chronicle of Higher Education
    Searchable database of upcoming deadlines for fellowships, grants, and conference paper submissions.
    University of Chicago
    “Searching for Sponsored Funding”
    A lengthy list of links to government agencies, an alphabetical list of major private foundation websites, and phone/email directories for NSF, NIH, and the Department of Energy. 
    Columbia University (Office of Projects and Grants)
    New/Junior Investigator Programs
    A nice compilation of funding opportunities. List and links to 29 funding sources. 
    University of California, Berkeley (Office of Sponsored Projects)
    Research Funding Opportunities for New and Young Faculty
    Covers Department of Defense, NASA, NIH, NSF, and a list of nonprofit agencies. 
    Searchable database for student scholarships and internships. Free registration required.
     H-NET (Humanities and Social Sciences Online)
    H-NET Discussion Networks
    H-NET Reviews
    H-NET Academic Announcements

    Something a little different. A collection of more than 100 e-mail lists (i.e., listservs) that link teachers and researchers for discussions and announcements on specialized topics. The range of topics is fairly astonishing. Examples: Primary Sources in African Studies, American Religious History, Anti-Semitism, Appalachian History and Studies, Art History, Animal Studies – and those are just a few examples from the A’s. H-NET also collects online reviews of books, videos, software,
    websites, conferences, films, museum exhibits, etc. in its separate and searchable “H-NET Reviews” section. Still another section collects announcements regarding calls for papers, conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops, fellowships, and funding opportunities.
    Why look for funding? Let funding find you. At this site, funders seek out scientists who have registered the innovative research projects on which they are working. At least, that is what they say.
     Iowa State University
    Funding Opportunities Database
    A very good database. Browse programs either by deadline or by discipline (agriculture, arts & humanities, business, education, health, engineering science, international, social sciences, multidisciplinary). The website also contains weekly funding bulletins.
     NYSTAR (New York Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research)
    Funding Opportunity News
    Searchable database of funding opportunities for high tech academic research and economic development in New York. Categories: biological science, engineering, environmental sciences, information technology, math and physical science, multidisciplinary, small business, miscellaneous.
     University of Massachusetts (Research and Engagement)
    Federal Funds for Instrumentation
    About 15 opportunities for acquiring major equipment.
    Terra Viva Grants Directory
    Search Grant Makers
    A searchable list of 400 grants makers specializing in agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in developing countries. Annotated by regions and interests of the grants makers. One can also view grants makers in three categories (international organizations, government organizations, and foundations and corporations) and view a monthly calendar of deadlines. 
    990-PF Database – Beta
    NOZA has taken over from Grantsmart and provides a searchable database of more than 100,000 tax returns of private foundations. At NOZAsearch.com, one can also sign up for free access to a searchable database containing close to 1.4 million grants. 
    University of Washington (Grants & Funding Information Service)
    Lists a modest number of funding sources by subject area (general, science, social science, education, art, library) and by special population (general, international, women and minority students). 
    Michigan State University
    “Grants for Individuals”
    A remarkable site. A labor of love by a librarian. One can seek grants by academic level (pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, postdoc), by population group (disabled, GLBT, minorities, non-traditional, veterans, women), and by subject in 45 categories. 
    Michigan State University
    “Grants for Nonprofits”
    As previously noted, a remarkable site and labor of love by a librarian. Covers 35 subjects. 
     University of Maine Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
    “Funding Opportunities Announcements Search”
    A searchable database. One can search by various fields of study (agriculture, business & economics, education, engineering, liberal arts & humanities, natural sciences, physical sciences, and sociology/psychology.
     Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Faculty Grants Guide: Site Map of Topics
    Table of contents includes idea development, components of a proposal, planning, reviewers, why proposals are not funded, types and sources of funding, and various funding sources. Also a grants glossary.
    Albert Einstein School of Medicine
    Non-Federal Funding
    One can browse by name or interest of federal and private funding source, monthly deadline, junior faculty awards, or postdoc awards. Most topics are medical-related. Additionally, one can search for humanities, social sciences, business, Jewish studies, math and science. 
    The Grantsmanship Center
    Funding Sources
    Clickable maps show the top grantmaking foundations by state, community foundations by state, corporate giving programs by state, and international funding sources by regions of the world. 
    On-Line Tax Return Database for Non-Profit Organizations
    Searchable. Check Part XV of foundation tax returns to see recent recipients of funding and how much they
    received. Does your project fit on this list? 
    University of California-Berkeley
    Equipment Grants
    Lists 20 programs, most governmental and pertaining to science, with links 
    University of California-Berkeley
    Research Funding Opportunities for New and Young Faculty
    Almost 40 programs, with links. 
    University of California-Berkeley
    Travel Grants
    Lists major travel funding programs, followed by opportunities in various disciplines (archaeology, Asian studies, astronomy, biology, chemistry, engineering, European studies, health & medicine, humanities, library science, mathematics, physiology). 
    "Funding Opportunities by Academic Disciplines”
    Disciplines: anthropology, art studio, art history, biology, chemistry, computer science, education (elementary and secondary), English, French, geology, German, history, management/economics, mathematics, music, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, sociology, Spanish, speech/communications, theatre 
    University of New Hampshire (Office of Sponsored Research)
    2006-2007 Deadlines for External Funding Opportunities
    A good site. Listing by categories: agriculture/food, arts, biological sciences, business/economics, communications/computer technology, education/human & community development, engineering/physical sciences, environmental sciences, health, humanities, mathematics, multidisciplinary, political science/social science, transportation. 
    University of New Hampshire (Office of Sponsored Research)
    Free Search Tools/Bulletin Boards
    An interesting site listing about 30 internet sites that present collections of funding opportunities 
    University of New Hampshire (Office of Sponsored Research)
    Major Instrumentation and Equipment Funding Programs
    Opportunities from NIH, NSF, DOD, DOE, USDA, and others. 
    Wright State University
    Funding Update Directory
    A very good funding bulletin put online every two weeks. Particularly helpful in anticipating future deadlines, sometimes even years in advance. Organized by disciplinary categories (e.g., education, energy, engineering, humanities). 
    University of California-Santa Barbara (Office of Research)
    “Funding Opportunities”
    A searchable database with over 400 funding opportunities 
    University of California-Santa Barbara (Office of Research)
    “Find Funding – Funding Resources Newsletter”
    A monthly newsletter of funding opportunities 
    University of Pittsburgh (Office of Research)
    Non-Federal Agency Links: Index
    An extremely large alphabetical listing of non-governmental funders, with links. 
    University of Richmond
    Foundation and Government Grant Opportunities
    Categories: arts & humanities; colonies for artists & other scholars; humanities, social sciences, and law; business; education; international; multidisciplinary; sciences. 
     University of Richmond
    Young Investigation Funding
    Over 30 sites with links. 
    Nyquist Foundation
    Funding for Community, Junior, and Technical Colleges
    A monthly report on federal funding opportunities for community colleges. A new issue appears between the 15th and 17th of each month. 
    New York State Department of Health: Health Topics A to Z
    An alphabetical list that provides information on a wide variety of health-related topics. A site contents bar allows one to access a site for “Statistics & Data” and a site for “Grants/Funding Opportunities.” 
     Government Sources ( Federal, State, City)


    Government Sources    
     New York City | New York State    


    General Portals

    University of Chicago
    “Federal Web Sites”
    A lengthy list of links to federal agencies. 
    New York State
    A government portal for New York State. One can click to get a listing of state agencies (as well as contact information), funding programs, and state grants. 
    Montana State University
    “Federal Agency Information”
    A very well-designed site for federal agencies and departments. 
    New York State Office of Science, Technology & Academic Research (NYSTAR)
    “NYSTAR Funding Initiatives”
    An introduction (with links) to major New York State programs: Center for Advanced Technology Program, Faculty 
    Development Program, Technology Transfer Incentive Program, Matching Grants Leverage Program, James D. Watson 
    Investigator Program, College Applied Research & Technology Center Program, Science and Technology Law Center, 
    Strategic Initiative Program. 
    Louisiana State University Libraries 
    “LSU Libraries Federal Agency Directory”
    Alphabetical Directory 
    A massive, extremely complete list with links.
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