• Financial Aid
  • Student Inquiries  (718) 482-5242

    Dr. Gail Baksh-Jarrett
    Senior Director of Enrollment & Student Financial Services
    gailbj@lagcc.cuny.edu           EXT. 5115      C-107

    Lori Hughes                             
    Associate Director of Student Financial Services
    lhughes@lagcc.cuny.edu        EXT. 5113      C-107

    Annette Hamilton
    Financial Aid Manager
    anhamilton@lagcc.cuny.edu   EXT. 5951      C-107

    Jennifer Aponte
    Student Financial Services Officer/ FWS Program
    japonte@lagcc.cuny.edu         EXT. 6087      C-107

    Edward Arredondo
    Student Financial Services Officer
    earredondo@lagcc.cuny.edu   EXT. 5155      C-107

    Manuel Ayala
    Student Financial Services Officer
    manny@lagcc.cuny.edu         EXT. 5015      C-107

    Yvette Bass
    Student Financial Services Payroll Assistant
    ybass@lagcc.cuny.edu           EXT. 5096      C-113

    Tammy Cheek
    CUNY Office Assistant
    tcheek@lagcc.cuny.edu         EXT. 6069      C-107

    Margis Gonzalez
    IT Associate
    mgonzale@lagcc.cuny.edu    EXT. 5110      C-113C

    Keith Lewis
    TAP Program Assistant
    klewis@lagcc.cuny.edu         EXT. 5008      C-107

    Lauren McGhie
    Administrative Assistant     
    laurenm@lagcc.cuny.edu      EXT. 5115      C-107

    Nazime Molla
    TAP Certified Officer
    nmolla@lagcc.cuny.edu        EXT. 5147      C-107

    Patricia Mori-Vignola
    Return to Title IV Coordinator/ Pell Overpayments

    pmori@lagcc.cuny.edu          EXT. 5187      C-107

    Janet Panora
    Financial Aid Assistant
    jpanora@lagcc.cuny.edu        EXT. 5158      C-107

    Arianna Pina
    Assistant Director/SFS Payroll Coordinator
    apina@lagcc.cuny.edu           EXT. 5199      C-113B

    Lenin Rodriguez
    Assistant Director of SFS
    leninr@lagcc.cuny.edu           EXT. 5221      C-107

    Stanley Rumph
    Veterans Services Coordinator/ Federal Perkins Coordinator
    stanleyr@lagcc.cuny.edu       EXT. 5191      C-107

    Gisselle Segui
    Student Financial Services Officer/Federal Direct Loan Program
    gsegui@lagcc.cuny.edu         EXT. 5181      C-107

    Kay White
    Student Financial Services Officer/Pell Program
    kwhite@lagcc.cuny.edu        EXT. 5453      C-107

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