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  • Writing and Literature Major: Required and Elective Courses

    2012 Curriculum

    Click here to get a complete listing of all required and elective courses in the Writing and Literature Major or click on each academic discipline to get a full description of the courses in that area.

    FSM000 New Student Seminar 3
    English Writing  9 credits
    ENC/ENG 101 Composition I 3
    ENG102 Writing through Literature 3
    LIB110 Integrated Seminar: Liberal Arts Cluster 1
    ENG103 Preparing and Writing the Research Paper 2
    Humanities 9 credits
    HUA167 Introduction to African Art  3

    Choose one of the following courses:
    HUA101 Introduction to Art 3
    HUT101 Art of Theatre 3
    HUT120 Creative Drama 3
    HUM101 Introduction to Music 3

    Choose one of the following courses
    HUP101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
    HUP105 Philosophy of Religion 3
    Social Science 9 credits
    SSY101 General Psychology 3

    Choose one of the following courses 
    SSH101 Themes in American History to 1865 3
    SSH102 Themes in American History Since1865 3
    SSH103 Western Civilization from Ancient to Renaissance 3
    SSH104 Western Civilization Renaissance to Modern 3
    SSH105 World History from Ancient Times to 1500 3
    SSH106 World History from 1500 to Present 3
    SSH110 East Asia Civilization and Societies 3

    Choose one of the following courses
    SSA100 Introduction to Anthropology 3
    SSA101 Cultural Anthropology 3
    SSE104 Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
    SSP101 U.S. Power and Politics 3
    SSP250 Political Ideas and Ideologies 3
    SSS100 Introduction to Sociology  3
    Mathematics 3 credits
    Choose one of the following courses
    MAT115 College Algebra and Trigonometry  3
    MAT120 Elementary Statistics 3
    Natural and Applied Sciences 3 credits
    Choose one of the following courses 
    SCB115 Principles of Biology 3
    SCC205 Introduction to Chemistry 3
    Cooperative Education 6 credits
    CEP121 Fundamentals of Professional Advancement 3

    Choose one of the following courses
    CEP201* Full-Time Internship 3
    ENG288* Writing & Literature Major Internship 3
    Writing and Literature 21 credits
    ENG270 Introduction to Poetry 3
    1ENG295 World Literatures Written in English 3

    Choose two of the following courses
    ENG 289**** Introduction to Literary Study 3
    ENG290 British Literature I 3
    ENG291 British Literature II 3
    ENG292 American Literature I 3
    ENG293 American Literature II  3
    ENG294***** Classical Literature 3

    Choose two of the following courses,
    one of which should fulfill an Urban Studies requirement
    ENN198*** Creative Writing 3
    ENN 240*** Literature of the City 3
    ENG/ELL 110 English Grammar and Syntax 3
    ENG220 Seminar in Teaching Writing 3
    ENG225 Afro-American Literature  3
    ENG247 The Woman Writer 3
    ENG268 The Immigrant Experience in American Literature 3
    ENG269 Contemporary Black American Fiction  3
    ENG271 Poetry Workshop 3
    ENG/HUC272 Literature and Film  3
    ENG274 Creative Non- Fiction Workshop 3
    ENG276 Fiction Writing Workshop 3
    ENG280 Children’s Literature 3

    Choose one course:**
    ENG203 Work, Labor and Business in American Literature 3
    ENG204 Asian-American Literature 3
    ENG205 The Bible as Literature 3
    ENG211 Journalism: Craft of Gathering & Reporting News 3
    ENG235 Cultural Identity in American Literature 3
    ENG245 Images of Women in American Literature  3
    ENG248 Latino/Latina Writing in the U.S 3
    ENG252 Sexuality in Literature 3
    ENG256 Humor in Literature  3
    ENG260 The Novel 3
    ENG261 Literature of Difference: Lesbian/Gay Writers 3
    ENG265 The Drama 3
    ENG266 Shakespeare  3
    ENG275 The Great Writer 3
    ENN195*** Violence in American Art and Culture 3
    ENN199*** Art, Politics, and Protest 3
    • * May substitute another course from the Major for CEP 201 or ENG 288 with
    permission of Departmental Chair or Director of English Major.
    • ** These courses fulfill Queens College Humanities Tier 1 Liberal Arts
    Requirements, but will not count toward the major.
    • *** Fulfills Urban Study requirement
    • **** Requirement for transfer to John Jay College; not articulated for Queens
    • ***** Articulated only for John Jay College.
    • 1 ENG295 (World Literatures Written in English) is a Capstone course.



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