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  • At the English Department at LaGuardia, our first recommendation is that you visit the Writing Center in Room B-200. However, some of the following websites and documents have very helpful tips and exercises to help you with your writing.

    MLA Documentation Guidelines

    This is a handout put together by faculty of the English Department at LaGuardia. It details how to refer to sources in the text and in a Works Cited page. Click Here 

    Grammar Bytes!

    This fun and interactive site allows you to practice basic rules of grammar.


    The Guide to Grammar and Writing

    This site provides interactive exercises to practice grammar and syntax. It's a fun way to practice grammar. It also provides an explanation of grammar rules as you work through the exercises.


    Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch

    This searchable grammar guide provides explanations for the rules of writing.


    The OWL at Purdue University

    This site is the most comprehensive writing site for undergraduate writers on the World Wide Web. It provides an exhaustive gallery of resources for writing on topics from grammar to research to plagiarism. In addition to explanations and exercises, this site also has PowerPoint Presentations on selected topics.


    The CATW Student Handbook

    This PDF is for information on the CATW.
    CATW student handbook 

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