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  • The English Department at LaGuardia is proud to contribute to the leadership of many key interdisciplinary initiatives that foster growth in our students and faculty.

    English Archives Research Project (EARP)

    The English Archives Research Project supports faculty members of the English Department who wish to develop and refine courses that take advantage of the historical resources available at the LaGuardia and Wagner Archives.

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    Dr. Stafford Gregoire

    Learning Communities 


    Learning communities are courses clustered around a common theme and taught to the same cohort of liberal arts students by a faculty team. Readings and assignments are shared so that students may better understand connections among different disciplines and to learn with a community of their peers. Students in LaGuardia's learning communities are actively engaged in inquiry and analysis, and critical and creative thinking through teamwork and problem solving. As a result, students who participate in learning communities are more likely to pass their courses and to stay in college.


    Since 1974, the Liberal Arts Clusters have offered students a full-time introductory program in the liberal arts, and many of the themes speak to the college's immigrant population and its mission by addressing issues of freedom, work, and diversity. Students take a wide variety of courses including Composition I, The Research Paper, Introduction to Philosophy, Theatre, Sociology, Music, Anthropology, Film, and Media Studies in themed clusters with titles such as "Sex, Money and Pop Culture," "Blacklash: The Urban Black Experience," "Global Politics," and "Constructing Identity."





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    Phyllis van Slyck

    Strengthening Core Learning: Writing in the Disciplines (WID)


    Writing in the Disciplines is a dynamic and challenging interdisciplinary initiative to support LaGuardia professors as they work to make writing an integral part of their courses.

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    Dr. Karen Miller 






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