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  • Curriculum Design

    LaGCC follows an enhanced semester system consisting of:

    • Fall Session 1 - 12 weeks (September to December)
    • Fall Session II - 6 weeks (January to February)
    • Spring Session I - 12 weeks (March to June)
    • Spring Session II - 6 weeks (June to August)

    The DTP is designed for students to attend classes as full time, day students for each semester in a two-year period once they have been accepted into the clinical phase of the program. All DTP majors are required to meet with a DTP faculty advisor when planning their class schedules. If a student makes course selections incorrectly, his/her graduation may be delayed.

    The academic calendar is published in the LaGCC Catalog and on the LaGCC website at www.lagcc.cuny.edu under the Academic menu. Calendars include Holidays and vacations. In addition, students may reference individual course syllabi and outlines.

  •  Academic Advisement

    The Dietetic Technician Program is divided into two distinct phases:

    1. Pre clinical – consisting of required general education and elective courses with specific key courses required for candidacy. The pre-clinical courses are offered in each semester.
    2. Clinical- consisting of all major DTP courses including supervised fieldwork courses. The clinical phase courses are scheduled progressively throughout the program and are offered once a year at the College.

    Formal advisement for DTP majors takes place twice a year—in April / May/ June for Fall I and II, and in November / December / January for Spring I and II. In addition DTP faculty members are available to meet with students during office hours and by appointment. The schedule of advisement dates is made available to students in the following ways: it is published and distributed by the Office of Academic Advisement, posted on a student’s MyLaGuardia web page, distributed to students by DTP faculty, and announced at the Food & Nutrition Club meetings. It is the responsibility of the students to check the schedule for advisement dates.


     Dietetic Technician Curriculum: AS Degree

    *Key Courses Required for Candidacy

    Pathways Common Core

    **This program has a waiver to list specific courses to complete Common Core requirements.

    A. Required Core

      English: 6 credits    
        ENG101 English Composition I * 3
        (ENA101 or ENC101 depending on placement scores)   
        ENG102 Writing through Literature 3
      Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: 3 credits 
        MAT120 Elementary Statistics I (STEM) 3
      Life and Physical Sciences: 4 credits    
        SCB203 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (STEM)* 4

    B. Flexible Core

      To complete the degree requirements students must select the following courses.  
      Scientific World: 8 credits   
        SCB204 Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
        SCC110 Foundations of Chemistry* (formerly SCC210) 4
    **Additional Common Core courses will be required when transferring to a CUNY College.   

    Program Core: 39 credits

      Dietetic Technology Core: 36 credits   
        SCD100 Foods 3
        SCD107 Careers in Food & Nutrition 1
        SCD200 Introductory Nutrition* 3
        SCD201 Clinical Nutrition A 3
        SCD202 Clinical Nutrition B 3
        SCD203 Life Cycle Nutrition 3
        SCD206 Applied Dietetics 3
        SCN240 Food and Culture 3
        SCD250 Production Management 3
        SCD251 Principles of Sanitation 2
        SCD253 Foodservice Administration 3
        SCD260 Dietetic Field Experience I 1
        SCD221 Dietetic Field Experience II 2
        SCD222 Dietetic Field Experience III 2
        SCD270 Dietetic Seminar 1
      Social Science: 3 credits   
        SSY101 General Psychology 3
      Health Sciences: 0 credits   
        HSF090 First Year Seminar for Health Sciences 0
      Total Credits   60 credits  



     The Pre-Clinical Phase

    All students accepted into the college as a DTP major are considered to be in the pre-clinical phase of the program. Pre-clinical key courses are required for a student to apply for candidacy into the clinical phase of the DTP. These pre-clinical Key courses are:

    • SCB 203 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
    • SCC 110 Foundations of Chemistry (formerly SCC210)
    • SCD 200 Introductory Nutrition
    • ENG 101 Composition I

    Pre-Clinical Key Courses must be completed before or during the spring I semester in which a student applies for candidacy to the clinical phase of the program. A minimum of a C grade must be earned in all key courses. A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 is required for candidacy into the program.


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