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  • Candidacy

    Special progression standards exist for candidacy for admission into the clinical phase of the DTP:

    1. In order to apply for candidacy into the DTP a student must be a DT major.
    2. Students begin their coursework in the “pre-clinical” phase of the major.
    3. Students must apply for candidacy during the spring I semester using the following candidacy code: SCD000.4699, INTENT TO DTP.
    4. If a student is enrolled in a key course(s) in the spring semester in which candidacy is applied for, and then drops the key course(s), the student must also withdraw from candidacy.
    5. At the end of the spring I semester, the registrar completes the process of ranking students for acceptance into the DTP by calculating their grades earned in the key courses and general education courses. (A sample calculation that is used to determine student ranking can be found in the College Catalog under the heading “GRADE POINT AVERAGE [GPA]).
    6. The student rankings are sent to the DTP faculty who then notify students about their standing in the program.
    7. A student may apply for DTP candidacy twice. If the student is not successful after two attempts to enter the program, the student will be required to select another major.
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