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    Brief History

    “Founded at West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Chi Alpha Epsilon was launched in 1990 in response to an increasing need to acknowledge the continuing successes of students in the university’s Academic Development Program. […] Chi Alpha Epsilon was formed to recognize the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria or who utilize developmental and educational support services [such as College Discovery, SEEK, EOP/HEOP]. Its purpose is to promote continued high academic standards, foster increased communication among its members, and honor the academic excellence of those students admitted to college via developmental/opportunity program pathways or for those who participate in Student Support Services. The involvement of eligible alumni further enables networking for members. […] Membership […] is offered through local campus chapters to eligible students and alumni. Students who hold a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. for two consecutive full-time semesters, or 3 or 4 consecutive part-time semesters, and who were admitted to the college/university via developmental or higher education opportunity type programs, as well as students who participate in the Student Support Services, Federal Grant Programs, are eligible for membership.”

    For more information, Please visit The XAE Honor Society Homepage or email Kyoko Toyama at: Lagcc.xae@gmail.com 





    SPRING 2014
    Last Name  First Name  MI 
    Boso Jessica
    Cadlett Shawneice
    Castillo Ana
    Correa Paola
    Davis Briana J
    Huang Joey
    McClammy Diallo
    Roberts Rhondalisa  
    Rodriguez Nicole
    Rogers Melinda
    FALL 2013
    Last Name  First Name  MI 
    Abbott Osan
    Asitimbay Noemi E
    Cobourne Cheryl A
    De Jesus Lucila E
    Encalada Jessenia
    Gomez Ivette
    Gutierrez Christian  
    Little Antoinette
    Pan David  
    Rivera Anthony  M
    Rojas Scarlette 
    Samuel Angelic 
    Vidal Diana  

    SPRING 2013
    Last Name First Name  MI 
    Andrade Fernando  
    Coleman Mia  
    Hopkins Jenard O
    Joseph Alex P
    Le Leduc H
    Mata Elvia G
    Rawal Kamlesh  
    Zhang Stella  
    Last Name First Name  MI 
    Bermeo Sara  
    Bisogno James  
    DeCastro Lorraine  
    Kollarus Morgan  
    Lopez Diana M
    Lougrini Rachid  
    Mendez Ladi-Ashley  
    Orozco Michelle  
    Patel Vaibhavi  
    Payne Jenna  
    Pironneau Nadege  
    Santos Francisco  
    Tineo Melina  
    Vasquez Laura  
    Velazquez Mayra  

    Last Name  First Name  MI 
    Aguilar Jessica  
    Alam MD J
    Alarcon Luis  
    Azerad Trevor  
    Barahona Laura  
    Barakat Mona  
    Breeden Maxine  
    Bouizy Zineb  
    Carranza Luis  
    Cedano-Santos Cariann  
    Chadha Rahul  
    Dasilveira Ana  
    Duenas Rafael  
    Garcia Jennifer  
    Granja Angie  
    Hamid Sherif Adel  
    Khine Aye  
    Molina Rosemary  
    Negron Vanessa  
    Perez Yesenia  
    Quinde Luis  
    Rojas Johnny  
    Roldan Venus M
    Saidi Abubabkr  
    Turner Robert  
    Last Name First Name  MI 
    Abdelkarim Riham  
    Acevedo Cherfrin  
    Ahsan Iftakhar  
    Aguilera Laura  
    Barone Marianne  
    Barrera Nube R
    Butt Qazah  
    Chavarriga Stephanie  
    Guaman Alvarez Maria  
    Hecker Shigeko  
    Hernandez Francisa  
    Hope-Campbell Dawn K
    Huynh Quan C
    Jawward Momina  
    Khan Shoesta N
    Lazo Aileen  
    Lopez Victor  
    Mizhquiri Wilson F
    Montilla Rosaliny  
    Muriel Jennifer J
    Noor Mahjabin E
    Ortega Yeriel  
    Paradas Marshyneschkav S
    Rankoth George  
    Rivera Karynthia  
    Shu Teyu  
    Tejada Cathrine S
    Zhang Minyi