• College Discovery

     All CD students are assigned a counselor in their first semester at LaGuardia. Students will work with their assigned counselor throughout their time at the college.

    Counselors can help students:

    • Adjust to college and a new academic environment
    • Understand the college's polices and procedures and the financial aid system
    • Develop skills to meet new academic challenges such as: assertiveness, communication, time management, stress management, & test taking
    • Help students identify their interests and abilities and explore appropriate major and career options
    • Select courses for each semester
    • Clarify goals and plan for a career or transfer to a four-year college
    • Develop and implement strategies to overcome academic problems
    • Cope with personal problems that may affect functioning and academic performance, such as: family conflict, loss, loneliness, feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, learning difficulites, anxiety & depression, health concerns, and alcohol & drug use



    CD counselors conduct groups on a range of interesting and informative topics, such as:

    • Choosing the Major and Career That's Right for you
    • Student Survival: Balancing Time, Coping with Stress, Staying Healthy
    • Developing Effective Learning and Study Strategies

    These counseling groups provide an opportunity for CD students to meet and share ideas with other CD students, learn new techniques, and develop their skills.


    The counselors also often serve as advocates for students, referring them to other college services and community agencies when appropriate


    *All CD counselors are experienced and trained professionals

    • Appointments can be made with your counselor using the Advisortrac Kiosk System located in B-235 & B-208

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