• College Discovery

    All CD students are assigned a counselor in their first semester at LaGuardia. Students will work with the same counselor through their time at LaGuardia from start until graduation. Students will have a variety of different opportunities to work with their counselor:

    Individual Counseling

    Students will be provided with the opportunity to work one on one with their counselor in individual sessions. These sessions will allow students to work on personal, academic and career concerns. Examples of areas in which counselors will work with students:

    • Help students’ identity their interests and abilities and explore appropriate major and career options
    • Assist students in adjustment to college and their new academic environment
    • Work with students on coping with personal problems that may affect functioning and academic performance such as family conflict, loss, loneliness, feelings of isolation, low self-esteem, learning difficulties, anxiety and depression, health concerns and alcohol and drug use
    • Provide advocacy and assistance to students in understanding the college’s policies and procedures and the financial aid system



    Students will be provided with opportunities to work in groups that cover a range of relevant and interesting topics such as:

    • Stress Management and Relaxation
    • Healthy relationships
    • LGBT Awareness
    • Transferring from CD to SEEK


    Counselors will provide the opportunity for students to take various semester long seminars which will give them an opportunity to connect with their counselors over a 12 week period through:

    • New Student Seminars
    • Second Semester Seminars
    • Leadership Seminars
    • Academic Strategies Seminars

    Contact our Office at 718-482-5270