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    Executive Committee 2015-2016

    Loretta Capuano-Vella, Senate Chairperson (Staff)
    Patricia Sokolski, Senate Vice Chairperson (Faculty)
    Andre Keeton, Senate Secretary (Faculty)
    Eneida Rivas, At-large Instructional Staff (Staff)
    At-large Instructional Staff 
    Khadiza Begum
    At-large Student
    Yunxi Hu
    At-large Student
  • Standing Committees

  •  Committee on Committees

    The Committee on Committees shall be elected from among the members of the College Senate. The Committee shall be comprised of seven members, including a minimum of two students, elected after nomination from the floor.

    Tie votes shall be resolved by the Chairperson of the College Senate. The Committee shall meet immediately after the Senate meeting in which the members were elected to elect a Chairperson.

    Each year the Committee shall recommend to the College Senate individuals to fill vacancies on the Standing Committees in accordance with the guidelines specified in this document or the bylaws.

    The Committee shall have responsibility for nominating members of Ad Hoc or Special Committees as they may be created by the Senate.

     Committee on Campus Affairs

    The Committee shall formulate policy proposals, continually review existing policies, and make recommendations with respect to master and long-range planning of the physical facilities and ongoing operation of the physical facilities.

    The Committee shall also recommend and review policy pertaining to student recruitment, admissions procedures, health and public safety, standards of behavior, ceremonies, athletics, and other related auxiliary services and activities not under the charge of other Senate Committees.

    The Committee should be composed of members recommended by the Committee on Committees. There should be at least one student member on this Committee. The Vice Presidents of Administration, Academic Affairs, and Enrollment Management and Student Development, or their designers, shall also serve on this Committee.

     Committee on Elections
    1. The Committee on Elections shall recommend to the Senate procedures for all Senate-related elections held in the College and shall supervise those elections.

    2. Should the need arise, the Committee shall receive and hear grievances relating to elections, and shall make appropriate recommendations to the Executive Committee.

    3. The Committee should be composed of members recommended by the Committee on Committees. There shall be at least one student member of this Committee who is not a candidate for membership on the Senate.

     Committee of Faculty

    The Committee of Faculty shall be comprised of all Faculty Senators. Alternate Faculty Senators may serve ex officio without vote, except when serving in place of an absent or non-faculty Senator representing an academic department, at which time the alternate will have voting rights. The voting members of the Committee shall elect its Chairperson.

    As need arises, the Committee of Faculty shall consider, discuss and propose action on matters within the purview of the faculty, including but not limited to those indicated in the bylaws of the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York, and shall bring such matters and proposals to the Senate for appropriate action.

    The Committee of Faculty shall carry out the traditional and accepted prerogatives of college and university faculty to ensure that degree requirements are met by candidates and to confer degrees upon those found to be eligible.

    The Committee of Faculty shall act on behalf of the College faculty in certifying that degree candidates have met all requirements for the degree.

    • The Chairperson of the Committee of Faculty shall, after consultation with the Registrar, convene the Committee as needed to certify degree candidates.
    • The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and shall send copies of those minutes that refer to the conferral of degrees to the Chairperson of the Senate, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Registrar, and the Chairpersons of the academic departments.

    The Committee shall designate a standing Sub-Committee on Academic Freedom, comprised of no fewer than four of its members.

    • The Sub-Committee on Academic Freedom will monitor, examine, and report to the Senate on the status of academic freedom at the College.
    • The Sub-Committee will investigate possible violations of academic freedom brought to its attention by members of the college community, and will report the results of its investigations to the full Committee of Faculty and to the Senate.
    • The Sub-Committee will make appropriate recommendations regarding academic freedom policies and practices to the Senate and, when appropriate, to the University Faculty Senate of CUNY.
    • The Sub-Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and send copies of such minutes to the Chairpersons of the Committee of


     Committee of Students

    The Committee of Students shall act as a liaison between the Senate and all other student organizations including, but not limited to, the Student Advisory Council and the Student Government Association, and address and make recommendations to the Senate on all issues of student life and welfare brought to its attention, including but not limited to the following:

    • Academic policies, programs, curriculum, and degree requirements.
    • Campus-wide cultural and educational events.
    • Job Fairs, recruitment and transfer events.
    • Physical plant and accommodation.

    The Committee of Students shall keep minutes of its meetings and shall send copies of such minutes to the members of the Senate Executive Committee and the members of the Student Government Association. The Committee of Students shall recommend to the Committee on Committees student representatives for the various Standing Committees of the Senate. These student representatives will be responsible for reporting back to the Committee of Students on the activities of the Committees to which they were assigned.
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