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    New York City/State Resident Tuition
    (New York State residents residing in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties must obtain a Certificate of Residency from the county Treasurer’s Office in order to be eligible for lower tuition fees.)
    - Full-time Matriculated Students (12 or more tuition units)
    - Part-time Matriculated Students (Per tuition units to a maximum of ($2250.00)
    - Non-degree Students (per tuition unit No maximum cap)
    - Senior Citizen Matriculated and Non-degree (60 and older)
        *Consolidated Services fee
        *Administrative fee PER SESSION
      $  195.00
      $  250.00

      $    15.00
      $    65.00
    Out-of-City/State Residents and Foreign Student Tuition 
    - Full-time Matriculated Students (Per tuition unit No maximum cap)
    - Part-time Matriculated Students (Per tuition unit)
    - Non-degree Students (per tuition unit No maximum cap)  
      $  300.00
      $  300.00
      $  395.00
    Fees for Full-time Matriculated and Non-degree Students 
    - Senate Fee
    - Consolidated Services Fee for all full-time
    - Student Activity Fee
    - Technology Fee  
      $      1.45
      $    15.00
      $    67.00
      $  100.00
    Fees for Part-time Matriculated and Non-degree Students 
    - Senate Fee
    - Consolidated Services Fee 
    - Student Activity Fee
    - Technology Fee  
      $      1.45
      $    15.00
      $    26.00
      $    50.00



  •  Resident Rates

    To qualify, students must have made New York State their principal place of abode for at least 12 consecutive months and resided in the City of New York for at least 6 consecutive months immediately prior to the first day of classes. New York State residents who are not city residents, must obtain a Certificate of Residence from their County Clerk’s Office prior to registering. To obtain a Certificate of Residency, please submit an application (Affidavit) to your County Treasurer's Office.

    To obtain a Certificate of Residence:

    1. Click on the appropriate link to your county (see links below).
    2. Complete the request for a Certificate of Residence.
    3. Have the application form NOTARIZED.
    4. Present the notarized request, plus two items of proof of residency to your local county clerk. The clerk will issue you a Certificate of Residency.
    5. BRING the CERTIFICATE issued by the county clerk to the Bursar's Office.

    Neighboring County Links: 

    Important Message: Students must refer to their county for specific rules and application deadlines. In addition, Residency Certificates EXPIRE; they are only valid for 1 year.

    Students will NOT be permitted to register without a Certificate of Residency on file.


     Senior Citizens (60 and Older)

    New York City residents who are 60 years old or older are granted a tuition waiver. However, must pay a $65.00 administrative fee per session and a $15.00 consolidated service fee per semester. If a senior citizen is enrolled for both session I and session II, the $65.00 administrative fee will be incurred separately for each session. In addition, senior citizens will be responsible for any penalty fee they incur such as a late registration fee, change of program fee, etc. Please refer to the above tuition and fees chart for a full list of fees.

    Students Fees: These are non-refundable fees each semester/session.

    Full-Time Students (12 Tuition units or more)

    Fall Session I $130.00
    Fall Session II $ 70.00
    Spring Session I $130.00
    Spring Session II $ 70.00
    Annual $400.00


    For more parking information Click Here 

     Students Fees

    Students Fees: These are non-refundable fees each semester of registration.

    Full-Time Students (12 Tuition units or more)

    Student Activity Fee $ 67.00
    Consolidated Services Fee $ 15.00
    University Senate fee $   1.45
    Technology Fee $100.00

    Part-Time Students (Less than 12 Tuition units)

    Student Activity Fee $ 26.00
    Consolidated Services Fee $ 15.00
    University Senate fee $   1.45
    Technology Fee $ 50.00

    Non-Instructional Fees (Non-Refundable)

    Application for Admission $ 65.00
    Transfer Application $ 70.00
    Application for Readmission (Effective Fall 2013) $ 20.00
    Late Registration Fee $ 25.00
    Change of Program Fee $ 18.00
    CUNYCARD Replacement $ 10.00
    Transcript $   7.00
    Late Payment Fee $ 15.00
    Payment Reprocessing (Effective Fall 2013) $ 20.00
    Duplicate Diploma (Effective Fall 2013) $ 30.00
    Duplicate Bill $   5.00
    Reinstatement Fee (Effective Fall 2013) $ 20.00
    Locker Per Year $   1.00
  •  Important Tax Information (1098T)

    STUDENTS:  1098T Notice
    Please review your 1098T notice on the Student Self-Service page as we have made a number of corrections made to 1098T forms since it was mailed to you earlier in the year.

    A copy of the revised 1098T is available in Student Self Service.  If you spot a discrepancy when reviewing your 1098T on Self-Service, please contact us immediately at 718-482-7226, by email, bursar@lagcc.cuny.edu or you can visit us at the Bursar's office located in room C-110. If required, an updated form will be available on the 1098T Self-Service section once the discrepancy is resolved.


    IMPORTANT NOTE: 1098T forms have been mailed out. 1098T forms will be mailed to the current address we have on file on your CUNYfirst account. Please make sure you have the correct address on file to ensure you receive your 1098T in a timely manner. 


    A 1098T form is issued to students who make payments on their tuition and fees within a calendar year. Payments made for prior calendar year semester are NOT included on a current 1098T form. Students who have financial aid, grants, scholarships, etc will only receive a 1098T when they pay an amount in excess of these funds towards their tuition.

     To learn to how to access your 2013 1098-T Click here 

    1098-T FAQs 

    1098-T Form Box Descriptions 

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