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    My name is David Acuqui. I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College.  My major is computer science.  I plan to graduate from LaGuardia Community College with my Associate’s degree and then apply to four year colleges.  At the top of my list is Queens College.  Once I know where I have been admitted and have picked where I want to attend, I plan to continue my education in computer science and graduate with my Bachelor’s degree.  After that,  my goal is to land a job at a technology company in Silicon Valley which is in California.  My big dream is to one day work for Google, a company that I admire.  For now, I'm thinking small and focusing on graduating from LaGuardia.


    Hi everybody! My name is Jonalyn Faith Arbotante. I was born in New York, but I grew up in the Philippines. I returned to New York in 2009 to finish my studies. I am a student at LaGuardia, majoring in Electrical Engineering.  However, I am planning to shift my major to Environmental Engineering when I transfer to a senior college. During my spare time, I play musical instruments . I have completed the following courses: Precalculus; Calculus 1, 2, and 3; Differential Equations; Linear Algebra; and Probability. This semester, I am tutoring MAT201 (Calculus 1). I have attended API sessions before. These sessions helped me very much to get an A. Now, as a new API tutor, it is my turn to help my fellow students succeed in calculus.  


    Last year I learned math on the internet during a construction lay-off. Helping people shake off their arithmetical phobias and succeed is something I now find immensely pleasurable. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to maintain a 4.0 GPA and to study mysterious new subjects like math, the Chinese language and computer programming.  My major is Electrical Engineering. I enjoy composing poetry and chasing my girlfriend around, in a friendly way. I love LaGuardia Community College and am very proud to be a part of it. Someday I would like to solve Nikola Tesla's lost equations and compose a beautiful album in fluent Mandarin. I would also like for my gravestone to have a number measured in terrawatts on it, representing the installed renewable energy capacity I was responsible for implementing in life. Failing that, I would be very thankful to spend my days peacefully as a mathematics instructor at a public college.


    Hello everyone! My name is John Correa. I am a student at Hunter College majoring in biochemistry. This is my second semester at the college. I used to be a LaGuardia Community College student. I graduated with an A.A. degree in Liberal Arts in Math and Science last summer (2012). I am from Ecuador. I was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Ecuador which is a perfect place to live because it is close to the coast and yet surrounded by mountains. I have been living in New York for the last 4 and a half years. What I love about New York City is the fact that you find a variety of people here from different cultures, making it distinctive from other cities.
    I came to this country because I wanted to study and get a degree so that I could enter a medical field. I now find that being a student at a four year college is so much more demanding. I know I can do it. This is my third year working as a tutor for API, and I feel that because of my past experiences, have made a tremendous improvement in my tutoring skills. This semester I am tutoring MAT 096 – Elementary Algebra - and I am trying my best to do a good job so that all my students are better able to understand and succeed in this course.


    Hello all! My name is Angela Elia and I was born and raised in a tiny town in rural Wisconsin. I attended a very small environmental liberal arts college called Northland for my undergraduate studies. I pursued and achieved a degree there in Animal and Human Behavioral Psychology. I used this degree to travel all across North America doing everything from tracking wild wolves, bear and osprey, to teaching the blind and people with physical paralysis how to downhill ski with adaptive equipment. Before I moved to NYC, I lived on the side of a mountain in a small log cabin with no electricity and my only means of warming the cabin or cooking was to use the wood burning stove. Every day I could ski down the mountain to get to work and take the last lift to the top of the mountain to get home at night. After ski instructing, I became a wilderness therapy provider for adjudicated and at-risk juveniles. I spent the whole year living in the backcountry, mountains and high desert of Colorado out of a backpack, sleeping under the stars, no matter what the weather. After my contract ended, I was hired by the Boys Club of NY to run their adventure course located in NJ. I moved to the East Coast in 2006. After my contract ended with the Boys Club, I began walking and training companion animals in NYC.  After seeing how many animals were dropped off and euthanized at the NYC shelters and shelters along the East Coast, I founded a non-profit animal rescue that takes dogs off death row and places them in loving homes. I began attending LaGuardia in the spring of 2013 to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology. I look forward to being able to expand my knowledge about animals, and use my degree to help even more homeless pets. My goal is to complete LaGuardia and attend Veterinary School to become a DVM. Once this is achieved I am hoping to start a foundation that supplies homeless animals and poor families with appropriate medical care for their companion animals. It hopefully will be part of a larger program that offers sanctuary and rehabilitation to humans and animals. I began tutoring for API this fall 2013 semester and look forward to spreading my passion for learning and life to other students. My hope is that through this position I will help many people have a chance at understanding and mastering difficult subjects to help them pursue their goals in education and in life. 


    Hi.  My name is Beth Ann Freed. I am in the RN nursing program at LaGuardia Community College. This semester I am tutoring a challenging nursing course, Fundamentals of Nursing (SCR 110). I  love writing, science, art, music, and the social sciences. One day, I hope to work as a wound nurse in New York. In my spare time, I sing in Yiddish with The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus and pet my pug, Anya.


    Hi, my name is Sean. I was born in and attended high school in New Jersey. I now live in Brooklyn with my wife and our two-year-old son. I have over a decade of professional experience as a writer and corporate trainer in the fields of manufacturing, IT, and finance. I've also spent the past few years in NYC as an EMT. I decided to return to college to complete a degree in  English and Education so that I can share my love of literature and my experience writing professionally to help students at our college  come to understand the world through literature and express themselves through the written word.


    I'm working with API as a tutor for the course, Composition I – An Introduction to Expository Writing, (English 101). The great thing about this course is that the writing skills students learn will be useful for any writing they do for the rest of their education and careers. I feel privileged to be able to work with such a great program, and even though I've just gotten started, I feel like I've already been able to help the students who have come to my tutoring sessions improve their grades, but even more importantly, improve their writing, express themselves, and share their ideas. Tutoring with API is helping me grow as a teacher, and I'm sure it will also help the students I tutor now, as well as those I teach in the future. 


    Greetings, I'm Danny Havugimana. I was born in Rwanda which is in Africa , where I attended high school. I am now a LaGuardia student, majoring in Electrical Engineering. Now I have become a math tutor. I have taken Calculus 1, 2, 3, Differential Equations (Mat204) and Linear Algebra & Vector Analysis -Mat212). I would be happy to help you with any questions you may have about those courses    because I love working with people, and I am a very friendly and helpful person. Looking forward to working with you!


    Hi  everyone! My name is Amanda Lee Iturralde and I am a first time API tutor for the course, Computer Electronics, MAC-241. I just started attending LaGuardia in the fall session 1 of 2013, majoring in Computer Technology. Obstacles in life can’t stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a computer engineer, so after I graduate with my Associate’s degree in Computer Technology, I plan on going to the Rochester Institute of Technology. I've been studying computers and electrical engineering for five years now and this year I was recommended to help students succeed beyond their expectations. Being a student here has been an amazing experience for me so far and I hope to give my fellow classmates the same perspective by giving them confidence and the knowledge they need to accomplish their goals here at LaGuardia. Being an API Leader is an amazing opportunity that can be experienced by all students who put their hearts and minds to it! So no matter what your goal, dream on and dream big!


    Hello everyone. My name is Jonathan Karakostas. I am tutoring for the API program for the second time. I have about a year until I complete the Mechanical  Engineering major here at LaGuardia. It has been over a year since I started at LaGuardia and so far I have accomplished becoming a member of PTK, being on the Dean’s list for three consecutive semesters, and being a founder of the Robotics Club. I am also a former member of the Engineering Club. Soon I plan to run for student government and, hopefully afterwards, I hope to land a research assistant position. After completing my Associate’s degree here at LaGuardia, I will be transferring to a four year institution to get my Bachelor’s degree in engineering. But I am not stopping there. I intend to go further!

    For the Spring 2014 semester, I am tutoring Elementary Algebra (MAT096). API will give me the opportunity to help other students succeed in this subject. I hope to show students that with hard work, practice, and a bit of patience anything is possible but it doesn’t hurt to have a dedicated tutor as well!


    Hi everyone! My name is Wai lam(Kat). I am a Biology major at LaGuardia, planning  to graduate June 2014. I was born in Guangdong, China but moved to Hong Kong when I was three. Science has always been my favorite subject. Since I was a high school student, I have loved sharing my knowledge with others. I have been an API tutor for math and chemistry. Spring 2014 is my second time tutoring for the API program. I am very pleased to be doing it. Besides working as a tutor for API, I have been an Executive Officer of the Honors Student Advisory Committee, the student arm of the Honors program at LaGuardia, a student researcher for the LaGuardia Natural Science Department Laboratories and at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and a SGA study hall tutor. I believe success comes from perseverance and hard work, not from an artificial number like I.Q. Everyone is capable of doing great things and we at API are here to help! Hope that you enjoy this semester and have fun too! 

     LI, HO CHUN

    Hello, everyone! I am HoChun Li, an API tutor. I came from Hong Kong two years ago. I am tutoring Introduction to Computer Science, MAC101, this spring 2014 semester. My major is computer science and this is my last year at LaGuardia Community College. I have already finished almost all my math and computer classes, and received good grades in them. Therefore, I applied to become an API tutor so that I could use my knowledge to help my classmates.  Also, I want to have a special experience in my final year. I really enjoy the process of tutoring. My goal this semester is to help all my students to pass. If you would like tutoring in MAC 101, please come to our office  E115Q, to check the time of tutoring sessions. Even you are not in my API class, you are still welcome to join our sessions. Hope to see you!    

     LI, LEI

    Hello everyone, my name is Lei Li. I have been living in New York City since 2011, and studying at LaGuardia Community college since the fall 2012 semester. My major is Secondary Education with a concentration in mathematics. In 2014 spring semester, I started working for the API program as a tutor for MAT 200 – Precalculus. This is the first official job for me in this country. I feel a little pressured but also am proud of this achievement. Learning is a process, so whenever we meet problems, we must not give up. Give yourself enough time and believe in yourself and you can make it. This is my belief. As a tutor, I will try my best to help the students in my class achieve a better performance. I hope everyone enjoys studying at this college. I like this college It is small but fantastic. 


    Hi everyone! My name is Maria Loo. I was born and raised in Peru. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something related to business and after graduating for high school I realized that going to college was the path I needed to take to fulfill my dreams. I’m now majoring in accounting at LaGuardia and hope to become a Certified Public Accountant, (CPA), one day.

    This semester I am an API tutor for Introduction to Microeconomics, SSE 103. This class can be challenging at times, but very rewarding at the end. Economics is a subject that can be applied in everything in life, even indirectly. It’s a pleasure to be working with students and help them have a deeper understanding  of this subject.

     Let’s work and succeed together!


    Hello everybody! My name is Katsiaryna Mashokha. I came to the USA almost three years ago. I am   from Belarus. I was attending college there majoring in economics, but then my life changed completely and I moved here. Once here, I decided to go to college and chose LaGuardia because I used to live in Queens. This is my third semester at LaGuardia. My major is Math and Science. I'm not sure yet what direction I am going to go with math but I think it is going to be Actuarial Science. What I know for sure is that I like math and I want to get a PhD in it. And that is what brought me to become a tutor in the API program. 


    Hello, I am Shah Faisal Mazhar. You can call me “Abir.” My major is Liberal Arts: Math and Science. I’m from Bangladesh. I love math, physics and all kinds of strategic games. I am planning to become a Theoretical P hysicist as I have some questions that I want to answer. I love science because it is the only power that can make us the best species in the world. Isn't it?

    This is the third time I’m doing API mentoring.  API uses a different method of helping students in difficult subject by mentoring while motivating them at the same time. I’ve learnt how to be a coach rather than a tutor. In this Spring-2014 semester I’ll be the mentor of Statistics 1. So, welcome to all and let our journey begin!!!


    Hello there! My name is Camilo Mejia and I am an international student from Colombia. I am a Liberal Arts,  Math and Science major here at LaGuardia. I plan to graduate following the spring 2014 semester. I’m very passionate about the environment, the earth, and the outdoors in general. For this reason, following graduation I want to go on to a senior college to pursue my bachelor’s degree in geology or environmental science so that I can contribute towards the research and preservation of our earth’s natural resources. During my two-year journey at LaGuardia, I have been able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and skills; and now, as an API leader for MAT 096 (Elementary Algebra), I am happy to be able to use those skills to help others succeed in achieving their academic goals. 


    Hi everyone! My name is Veeshoka. I am an accounting major at LaGuardia Community College. I was born in Nepal and came here when I turned eighteen. Living in New York and studying at this college has given me a lot of exposure to diversity. This semester, I am tutoring Introduction to Macroeconomics, SSE 104. This is my first semester as an API tutor. Being part of API has been a great experience so far. I am able to tutor the course that I am interested in and enhance not just  students’ knowledge, but my own as well. I have always believed that the concepts of economics  help  to polish one’s ability to think and act rationally. It is an interesting subject since it involves every aspect of life including science, social life, human behavior as well as quantitative reasoning. 

    Hjordys Perez Matos

    Hola!  My name is Hjordys Perez Matos, but you can call me Jo. This is my third semester here at LaGuardia Community College and I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts, Social Science and Humanities. This spring I am excited to be tutoring the Medicine, Mind, and Body Cluster, which includes Introduction to Composition, ENG 101; Preparing and Writing the Research Paper,ENG 103; General Psychology, PSY 101 and Medical Ethics, HUP 114. I am an advocate of having a solid knowledge foundation and am eager to help students do well in these courses, as they are vital pre-requisites to many programs here at LaGuardia. I am looking forward to an exciting semester! If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at hjordysmatos@gmail.com. 


    Hello everyone! Welcome to my page! My name is Zhiyong Qiu. You can also call me Eric. This is my last semester at LaGuardia and I have appreciated every minute here. I am happiest of all because I am currently an API tutor who is able to help students succeed in their studies and get paid for doing so. My dream is to be a medical lab technician. I love science classes so much and have done well in them. The subject I am tutoring is chemistry. Through tutoring students, not only do they get help, but I am also able to enhance my knowledge of this subject. In addition, I feel good every time students have their questions solved during my tutoring sessions. Honestly, right now there is no better experience than being an API tutor. Thank you for reading my brief biography!


    Hi everyone! My name is Tabitha Rivera. This is my third semester here at LaGuardia Community College. I am an Electrical Engineering major. Currently, I am a member of the LAGCC President's society, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Dean's List, and I am a former Student Advisory Council representative for the Political Arena Club. After I receive my degree from LaGuardia I hope to transfer to a four-year institution to continue my degree in my major. This semester I am tutoring MAT115: College Algebra and Trigonometry. I hope to show students that with hard work and dedication, they can master even the most challenging of courses.


    My name is Kiara Sencion. I am from the Dominican Republic. I enrolled at LaGuardia in 2012 as an accounting major, when I came from the D.R.. My enriching experience at this college began when I enrolled in the CUNY Language Immersion Program. This program opened new doors for me and made me able to look beyond my own bias.  Right there I felt in love with LaGuardia because it taught me to value diversity and individuality. This amazing experience at this college made its goal my goal: “to encourage minorities to get an education and to empower them in order to create a better society.”  As an API tutor I will work side by side with my fellow students and   help  them go as far as they want to in order to accomplish their goals. 


    "Hello all! My name is Rebecca Surajbali and I am a Childhood Education: Mathematics major. My nationality is Guyanese but I was born and raised right here in Queens, New York. I began attending LaGuardia Community College in the fall of 2013, and I am now a proud member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I aspire to graduate from LaGuardia with my Associate’s degree, then transfer to Hunter College to pursue a Bachelor's degree as well as a Master’s degree. I am truly honored to be an API tutor because every day I look forward to sharing more knowledge with more people!  I love seeing people succeed and I enjoy helping others as well as pushing people to reach their full potential. I believe everyone has the power to be an A-mazing student! If you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns, feel free to email me at:  Rebecca.Surajbali@gmail.com.


    Hi  I am Priotush Talukder. I am a full time student at LaGuardia Community College. I came from Bangladesh two years ago after completing high school there. Once here, I started as a freshman at this school. I’m majoring at biology and planning to go to medical school. As people say, being an Asian I’m supposed to like math, and I do!   I came to know about the API program in this school from a friend and got interested in it.  As a full-time student, API is a good part time job for me. I want to share my math experiences  to other students who are struggling with math. That is why I joined the Academic Peer Instruction program and hopefully I will be able to help those folks. I also wanted to be a part of API to get an opportunity to assist teaching in a big environment like a college. I had an API  tutor for my chemistry class and working with him I gained  confidence in that subject.  I would like  to make my students feel  the same way!


           My name is Zunxu Tian  A lot of students call me by my American name – Tim.  I am a LaGuardia Community College student, a Math and Science major.  My background is a little different from most students.  I went to acrobat school in China starting at age eight and continued for 14 years. I went there because after I saw amazing performances on TV a few  times and  became more and more astonished by what acrobats could do. I decided I wanted to be one of them!During acrobatic school, I was required to train for long hours during the day and sometimes at night too. Normally, I had to wake up at six in the morning and go to bed at ten at night training most of this time. We did regular school work only for two hours in the evening after our training was over for the day. I gained many acrobatic skills from this life and performed in a lot of places in China and along the East Coast of the United States.         However, as I grew older, I realized life has a value only when it has something valuable as its goal. To have a meaningful life for me meant I needed to be more than an acrobat.

    During acrobat school, I became interested in reading and learning from books, especially in science books. Performing as an acrobat was interesting and entertaining, and I made decent money from it, but the fact was that I would not be able to perform for the rest of my life. My physical condition just would not allow it.

    Understanding this, and wanting a formal education, I left the life of an acrobat and  came to New York City.               While studying at LaGuardia, I have taken several science classes, such as biology, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology. These courses introduced a totally different world from what I knew and further strengthened my passion for working in science and the medical field. By taking these science classes, I have learned a lot about our body’s anatomy and physiology and how its parts relate and work together and now I also have a better understanding of how chemicals work. With this knowledge, I have a bigger picture and connection to my acrobatic training and every day physical working. For example, I know which bones and muscles are used when you are upside-down with your hands on the ground. My eagerness to explore more about our body’s anatomy and physiology has grown even stronger because of the courses I have taken at LaGuardia.         This is my first time working as an API tutor, I will be tutoring Math 96 this semester. I know this course is a very challenging course. Students have to master  a lot of knowledge in just twelve weeks. However, as an API tutor, I will be there helping those who are having difficulties. I wish everyone will pass this course and have a joyful life in college.


    My name is Maria J Wasilewski.  I am a LaGuardia Community College graduate. I was born in Poland which is located in Eastern Europe. When I came to this country, my goal was to find a job, save money and enroll in nursing school.  It was my dream and I knew that here in New York I would have more opportunities to work while going  to school which I knew I couldn’t do in Poland. I worked hard, with perseverance, while at the same time attending English language school. Following that, at LaGuardia I had to complete prerequisite courses and build my GPA in order to be accepted into the Nursing Program. That was four years ago. When I look in the mirror today I see a strong and happy woman who is ready to begin her journey as a professional nurse. I decided to become an API tutor because I would like to help and support those students who are still on the way to reach their goal to become nurses. My experience with this course will be beneficial to help nursing students now enrolled in SCR 210, Medical Surgical Nursing I . I am very proud and happy to be part of the API team.


    Hello, my name is Jinfeng. I am currently tutoring SCB201,Fundamentals of Biology 1,and  MAT96, Elementary Algebra, as an API tutor at LaGuardia Community College.  I have completed the following courses at LaGuardia: SCB201 and SCB202, Fundamentals of Biology 1 and 2;  MAT107, Math & the Modern World; MAT115, College Algebra and Trigonometry; MAT200 ,  Pre-Calculus; MAT201; Calculus I, and MAT202, Calculus II, receiving an ‘A’ grade in each of these courses. I chose to be a tutor because I have several years of tutoring experience  and I enjoy helping students.


    My name is Aisha Yamamoto. I was born in Japan and came to the United States when I was 17 years old. I am a tutor for  the course College Algebra and Trigonometry, MAT115.  I am excited to help students succeed. I also tutor Japanese at LaGuardia Community College. Since I am also a student, I know firsthand what students are seeking to understand better. I strive to help all the students I tutor to achieve great academic success.


    I was born and raised in Korea. At the age of 18, I went to Malaysia to experience a different culture. As an international student, I know how confusing and overwhelming the college experience can be. When I was at Taylors University in Malaysia, I didn’t know if I would fit into this multiculturallearning community. During my two years in Malaysia, I successfully assimilated in English, Malay and the Chinese culture in terms of language, food and cultural customs. I finished  the “American Degree Transfer Program” in Malaysia in 2012 as an applied science major. After obtaining my degree,  I realized that my interest was not in thatarea,, so I quickly changed my major to Business Administration at LaGuardia Community College.


    Working hard is the only way for all students to successfully graduate from college and start a new chapter in their lives. I am Serena Zou. After moving to the United States from China in 2008, I created a brand new world for myself. In 2012 I obtained my high school diploma from Bayside High School and then enrolled at LaGuardia Community College. After some indecision, I chose the path of accounting. Now that I am in my last semester at the college, I can firmly state that I have selected a correct major for my future as I am thoroughly in love with it.

    In order to be more involved in college and to graduate with some everlasting memories, I decided to become an API tutor in accounting. This great program has helped me and my fellow classmates in so many ways that neither of us can count. As a beneficiary of API, I get the opportunity to re-attend the accounting class that I tutor and strengthen my fundamental knowledge in it. Furthermore, I can also receive a great chance to share my knowledge in accounting with my fellow classmates and assist them to the best of my abilities so that they can earn a good grade in the course. By fulfilling my role as an API tutor, I believe I will be able to build a solid and sincere relationship among my professor and students.

    My goal for this semester is to help my fellow classmates to overcome and conquer the subject and simultaneously appreciate the class and knowledge that they receive. By doing so, they will gain more confidence which will help them to move forward on their educational journeys.  I firmly believe it is possible to succeed in challenging courses. It simply takes one’s devotion and effort. In summary, I enjoy my time in auditing and tutoring the class. Helping others and myself at the same time is what truly makes me cheerful.

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