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    My name is David Acuqui. I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College. My major is computer science. I plan to graduate from LaGuardia Community College with my Associate’s degree and then apply to four year colleges. At the top of my list is Queens College. Once I know where I have been admitted and have picked where I want to attend, I plan to continue my education in computer science and graduate with my Bachelor’s degree. After that, my goal is to land a job at a technology company in Silicon Valley which is in California. My big dream is to one day work for Google, a company that I admire. For now, I'm thinking small and focusing on graduating from LaGuardia.



    Hello! :) My name is Alzahra and I began attending LaGuardia Community College in the fall of 2013. My major is Mechanical Engineering. I currently am an API tutor for Elementary Algebra, Math 096, which I really enjoy. I also look forward to tutoring other classes as well, for example chemistry and different levels of math. I am from the Republic of Sudan in North Africa. I came to the United States with my family exactly two years ago. I finished high school over there and was accepted into Pharmacy School , but when I came to LaGuardia as a freshman, I decided to major in engineering, because I enjoyed math and science classes the most. Being a student in such a diverse college has given me many opportunities and opened my eyes to so many cultures and made me appreciate my own traditions and values even more. Although I was only 16 when I arrived, my experiences so far have helped me to become satisfied with who I am and the person I have grown to be. Hopefully, I will be graduating by the summer of 2014. I can’t wait to go further in my field and go back to my country so that I can make positive changes there. I love helping people and especially students like myself. I find being an API tutor a great opportunity to do exactly that while at the same also achieving my own goals on campus.



    My name is Oluwajoba Akinyemi, but most people call me by my nickname which is Joba. I am a biology major here at LaGuardia set to graduate in the coming spring. I love the different systems of the human body, and how they work together in unity to achieve the common goal of life sustenance. I particularly have a keen interest in the heart; it is an amazing and very muscular organ. I also love helping people on a personal level and being an API tutorI affords me the opportunity to do just that. I plan to transfer to a four-year college after I graduate to pursue a degree in the biological sciences. Then I intend to go on to medical school and graduate with an M.D. I dream of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon someday.



    Hello, everyone! My name is Arifa Altaf and I am from Karachi, Pakistan. I came to the U.S. about three years ago with an ambition to study at an institution of higher learning. I finished my Associate’s in Arts degree at LaGuardia Community College last year with a G.P.A of 4.0, which I am greatly proud of. Afterwards, I transferred to Hunter College for my Bachelor’s degree. Currently I am enrolled at Hunter College while at the same time working at LaGuardia as an API tutor. I love reading, teaching, and learning new things. I am truly a student of knowledge. My goal is to become an Islamic Scholar and to do in-depth research about my religion, Islam. I want to be an independent learner so that I have a firm belief in what I follow.



    Hi Everyone! I am Karen Apicella, and I’m a native of Brooklyn. I am now in my second semester here at LaGuardia, and plan to major in Radiation Technology. This is my first time tutoring math in the API program, and I am excited to be able to help students master MAT 096 (Elementary Algebra).This is my second enrollment in college. I am making a major life change. I used to work representing acting talent, and while I loved helping actors achieve their goals, I felt that something was missing in my life. Now I am doing what it takes to enter the field of Health Technology, where I feel sure that I can help many more people. Courses like Anatomy & Physiology and College Algebra and Trigonometry were challenging, but I know what I want now and I’m motivated to attain it.I’ve come across a large number of students who think that mathematics is an impossible subject that they will just never master. But mostly, it requires just logic, and anyone who puts in the time and practice can be good at math. I hope to be able to enable students to see through all their negativity and gain the confidence to excel!



    Last year I learned math on the internet during a construction lay-off. Helping people shake off their arithmetical phobias and succeed is something I now find immensely pleasurable. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to maintain a 4.0 GPA and to study mysterious new subjects like math, the Chinese language and computer programming. My major is Electrical Engineering. I enjoy composing poetry and chasing my girlfriend around, in a friendly way. I love LaGuardia Community College and am very proud to be a part of it. Someday I would like to solve Nikola Tesla's lost equations and compose a beautiful album in fluent Mandarin. I would also like for my gravestone to have a number measured in terrawatts on it, representing the installed renewable energy capacity I was responsible for implementing in life. Failing that, I would be very thankful to spend my days peacefully as a mathematics instructor at a public college.



    Hello everyone. My name is Adam Cropper. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from Baruch College. I am in the midst of changing my career direction to Physical Therapy and I am aiming to get my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree (DPT). I am presently at LaGuardia taking prerequisite courses in science.I love science and I really enjoy learning about how the human body works. It is only fitting, then, that I am tutoring Anatomy and Physiology 1 (SCB203). I am really intrigued by activities that emphasize the movement of body through space, so I can’t wait to take classes in Parkour, Dance, or Capoeira.



    Hi. My name is Joanna Deng. I'm from a global city- Shanghai. I came to the United States about 4 years ago. I study Liberal Arts Science at this wonderful school and now I’m transferring to Hunter College to continue exploring the science field. My goal is to become a Medical Lab Technician. My passion, however, is in both the arts and sciences. I started playing piano when I was 5 years old and picked up drawing skills during my high school years. These experiences funded my interest in pursuing art and science. I did discover the spiritual bridge between the two and I dream of presenting science with art in graphic formats. Learning both fields makes me excited to be an API tutor, I really want to convey this idea especially to students who suffer from science phobia. I need more knowledge to work on and hope one day I can comprehend Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Knowing more, to me, is the most wonderful part of human life, and hence education should be inexpensive and available to all. By the way, I’m a Pisces. I love dreaming and using my imagination but I still behave seriously when it is important. Thank you for reading my brief bio and I hope you have a bright future.



    My name is Marie Drapalova and I am a part of the API program. I tutor math because I personally love it and because I believe many students fear or hate it unnecessarily. I enjoy helping students discover that math is an amazing subject and can be very enjoyable. I am an electrical engineering major at City College and I hope that through my work as an API tutor some of my students will join me and become STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) majors.



    Hello all! My name is Angela Elia and I was born and raised in a tiny town in rural Wisconsin. I attended a very small environmental liberal arts college called Northland for my undergraduate studies. I pursued and achieved a degree there in Animal and Human Behavioral Psychology. I used this degree to travel all across North America doing everything from tracking wild wolves, bear and osprey, to teaching the blind and people with physical paralysis how to downhill ski with adaptive equipment. Before I moved to NYC, I lived on the side of a mountain in a small log cabin with no electricity and my only means of warming the cabin or cooking was to use the wood burning stove. Every day I could ski down the mountain to get to work and take the last lift to the top of the mountain to get home at night. After ski instructing, I became a wilderness therapy provider for adjudicated and at-risk juveniles. I spent the whole year living in the backcountry, mountains and high desert of Colorado out of a backpack, sleeping under the stars, no matter what the weather. After my contract ended, I was hired by the Boys Club of NY to run their adventure course located in NJ. I moved to the East Coast in 2006. After my contract ended with the Boys Club, I began walking and training companion animals in NYC. After seeing how many animals were dropped off and euthanized at the NYC shelters and shelters along the East Coast, I founded a non-profit animal rescue that takes dogs off death row and places them in loving homes. I began attending LaGuardia in the spring of 2013 to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology. I look forward to being able to expand my knowledge about animals, and use my degree to help even more homeless pets. My goal is to complete LaGuardia and attend Veterinary School to become a DVM. Once this is achieved I am hoping to start a foundation that supplies homeless animals and poor families with appropriate medical care for their companion animals. It hopefully will be part of a larger program that offers sanctuary and rehabilitation to humans and animals. I began tutoring for API this fall 2013 semester and look forward to spreading my passion for learning and life to other students. My hope is that through this position I will help many people have a chance at understanding and mastering difficult subjects to help them pursue their goals in education and in life.



    Hi. My name is Beth Ann Freed. I am in the RN nursing program at LaGuardia Community College. This semester I am tutoring a challenging nursing course, Fundamentals of Nursing (SCR 110). I love writing, science, art, music, and the social sciences. One day, I hope to work as a wound nurse in New York. In my spare time, I sing in Yiddish with The Jewish People's Philharmonic Chorus and pet my pug, Anya.



    Hello, everyone. My name is Navjot Guru. I am originally from Punjab, India. I came to New York about three years ago after completing high school. To continue my higher education, I applied to CUNY and LaGuardia accepted me and now I am a sophomore, majoring in biology. My first and last choice is to be a physician which I have dreamed of since I was five years old. I don't really know why I made that choice at that age because I really didn’t have any basic knowledge about it at that age. My parents have always supported me in my decision and until the present time I still have the same goal. Now I am much more familiar with what my choice entails. I also have chosen to be a physician because in my family my brothers and cousins are all doctors and I want to continue that tradition but it is also my own passion. I guess the only question I haven’t yet answered is exactly which specialty I will enter after getting my medical degree. Chemistry seems to be a very hard subject but for me it is my passion. I could study chemistry all day long due to this feeling. I am tutoring General Chemistry I, SCC 201, during this fall 2014 semester. I am really excited about this experience and I am fully assured that the passion I have in me for this subject will guide my peers in their understanding of the course.



    Hello, my name is Pardeep Guru. I’m majoring in biology at LaGuardia Community College. My native country is India. I came to the United States two years ago in 2012. It was a whole new experience for me to arrive in such a diverse nation. Indeed, New York City is well known for its diversity and its busy life. That is why so many people desire to come here. Fortunately I got a chance. When I was back in India I was majoring in pre medical studies in high school because I have always been interested in science and math. I got especially motivated when I saw my cousin who is now working as a physician in the Great Britain. By looking at him my inner soul envied his. I love to help people and I can do so well if I become a professional in certain careers such as medicine, or in becoming a pharmaceutical engineer.



    My name is Enkeleid Hasko. I was born in Albania but raised in Italy. I’ve recently had the opportunity to come and study in the United States. I feel very privileged to be attending a college like La Guardia, a place where people from all around the world are studying and striving for the betterment of their lives and ultimately that of society as a whole. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with computers and I am fully convinced that humanity’s future is strictly connected with the amazing possibilities offered by these tools. Right now I am studying towards my Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and this is my second semester here at La Guardia Community College. I want to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and then pursue a Master’s Degree in the same field of study.I am lucky to have become part of this amazing team of people known as Academic Peer Instruction tutors, where we are all working towards the common goal of helping our fellow students achieve the fullest of their potential and master classes towards their majors. I am doing my part by tutoring Elementary Algebra (MAT096), an important but highly underestimated subject. I will do my best to help my students but remember: we can show you the road, you’re the one doing the walking!



    Hi, everyone! My name is Kun Huang and I come from China. My major is Liberal Arts: Math and Science. However, after transferring to a 4-year college, I plan to change my major to Secondary Education. My dream is to become an educator, specifically a high school math teacher. This dream is what led me to become an API tutor. For me, it is a great honor to work as an API tutor during this fall I 2004 semester for the course College Algebra and Trigonometry (MAT 115), I will do my best to help students do better in this course. I enjoy helping students as well as pushing them to reach their full potential. If you are struggling with Mat 115 and want to join my study sessions, feel free to email me at : hk78443956@hotmail.com



    Hi everyone! My name is Amanda Lee Iturralde and I am a first time API tutor for the course, Computer Electronics, MAC-241. I just started attending LaGuardia in the fall session 1 of 2013, majoring in Computer Technology. Obstacles in life can’t stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a computer engineer, so after I graduate with my Associate’s degree in Computer Technology, I plan on going to the Rochester Institute of Technology. I've been studying computers and electrical engineering for five years now and this year I was recommended to help students succeed beyond their expectations. Being a student here has been an amazing experience for me so far and I hope to give my fellow classmates the same perspective by giving them confidence and the knowledge they need to accomplish their goals here at LaGuardia. Being an API Leader is an amazing opportunity that can be experienced by all students who put their hearts and minds to it! So no matter what your goal, dream on and dream big!



    Hello! My name is Paul and I am from Bed-Sty, Brooklyn. I have been working in the API program as a mathematics tutor for many years. As a result I have found that I not only enjoy the challenge of working with students tutoring different mathematics courses, but I have decided to pursue a career in Applied Mathematics.



    Hi everyone! My name is Manuel Kamche. This is my third semester here at LaGuardia Community College. I am a Liberal Arts: Math and Science major. Currently, I am a member of the LAGCC President's society, and I am the Acting President of the African Roots Society Club. After I receive my degree from LaGuardia I hope to transfer to a four-year institution to continue my education in actuarial science. This semester I am tutoring MAT096: Elementary Algebra. I am looking forward to improve students’ confidence and work ethic and to see them succeed in their courses..



    Hello everyone! My name is Lamin Keita. I am from Gambia, West Africa. I did my first professional studies in the United Kingdom and obtained a Professional Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management there. I later went back to Gambia and worked as a corporate banker for some years. However, I had a need for higher education. That is when I decided to come to the U.S in August 2012 to pursue a graduate degree in economics and finance. I enrolled in LaGuardia in the spring of 2013 and my major is Business Administration as preparation for my desired major. Helping others is my passion and is part of the reason that I applied to be a tutor for Academic Peer Instruction (API) and luckily I got hired for the fall semester of 2014 . I am currently tutoring micro-economics as I am a supporter of the study of economics. I personally believe that with good economic planning every nation will be well-off as well as the people in these countries. I am an easy going person so feel free to come to my sessions if you are taking micro-economics.



    Hi! My name is Elena, and I am tutoring Organic Chemistry here at LaGuardia Community College. I decided to become an API tutor for this difficult course because I didn't have a tutor when I took this course a year ago. My passion for science has led me to a career in pharmacy. This fall I have applied to Long Island University’s Arnold and Marie Schwartz Pharmacy School. I hope to transfer there by next fall. My biggest dream is to work in a hospital pharmacy, so I can closely monitor my patients, and be sure that their prescribed medications work properly.But for now I greatly enjoy and am proud to be a student and a mentor at LaGuardia - a true community college. It has provided me with a lifetime of opportunities!



    My name is Estefania Llorens, and I am from Venezuela. When I graduated from high school my dream was to come to NYC to study and find new adventures. Now, I can say that both of these goals have been achieved. I am a LaGuardia student majoring in Business Administration: Aviation Management and an API tutor for Mat 096. I apply myself in everything I participate in, and being an API tutor will not be an exception. That is why I will do my best to help my students succeed and achieve their goals as I have done so far with mine.


    Faisal Shah

    Hello, I am Shah Faisal Mazhar. You can call me “Abir.” My major is Liberal Arts: Math and Science. I’m from Bangladesh. I love math, physics and all kinds of strategic games. I am planning to become a Theoretical P hysicist as I have some questions that I want to answer. I love science because it is the only power that can make us the best species in the world. Isn't it?This is the third time I’m doing API mentoring. API uses a different method of helping students in difficult subject by mentoring while motivating them at the same time. I’ve learnt how to be a coach rather than a tutor. In this Spring-2014 semester I’ll be the mentor of Statistics 1. So, welcome to all and let our journey begin!!!



    Hello there! My name is Camilo Mejia and I am an international student from Colombia. I am a Liberal Arts, Math and Science major here at LaGuardia. I plan to graduate following the spring 2014 semester. I’m very passionate about the environment, the earth, and the outdoors in general. For this reason, following graduation I want to go on to a senior college to pursue my bachelor’s degree in geology or environmental science so that I can contribute towards the research and preservation of our earth’s natural resources. During my two-year journey at LaGuardia, I have been able to acquire a great deal of knowledge and skills; and now, as an API leader for MAT 096 (Elementary Algebra), I am happy to be able to use those skills to help others succeed in achieving their academic goals.



    Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Mindana. This semester I will be tutoring HUP 104 (Ethics and Moral Issues). I am an international student from Belgium attending LaGuardia Community College. I started my college journey at LaGuardia in the fall of 2013 and plan on graduating in spring of 2015. I was born and raised in Belgium, however I spent most of my summers traveling to other cities and countries. This experience opened my eyes and made me consider studying in another country. When I got the opportunity to finish high school in New York I said “YES!” Now, three years later I am ready to graduate and get my Associates degree as a Psychology major and then transfer to a four year college. Therefore, I would like to encourage and help other students to follow their dreams and not be afraid of taking risks.



    Hi everyone! My name is Veeshoka. I am an accounting major at LaGuardia Community College. I was born in Nepal and came here when I turned eighteen. Living in New York and studying at this college has given me a lot of exposure to diversity. This semester, I am tutoring Introduction to Macroeconomics, SSE 104. This is my first semester as an API tutor. Being part of API has been a great experience so far. I am able to tutor the course that I am interested in and enhance not just students’ knowledge, but my own as well. I have always believed that the concepts of economics help to polish one’s ability to think and act rationally. It is an interesting subject since it involves every aspect of life including science, social life, human behavior as well as quantitative reasoning.



    Hi, everyone! My name is Yongnian Nie. I am majoring in Civil Engineering. I was born in China. I have been studying at LaGuardia since 2013. This is the first time I am working as a tutor. Being a tutor is not only a challenge for me, but also a great opportunity. I decided to tutor physics because I love this subject. It gives me a whole new perspective with which to look at my life. And I also like helping people. Being a tutor for Academic Peer Instruction gives me a great opportunity to use what I have learned to help others move forward. I am looking forward to having a successful semester with my students.



    Hello! My name is Anastacia Pal. I am a paralegal studies major here at LaGuardia. I am also an API tutor. When I was in junior high school I had a teacher who realized that my problem in math was that I need help in several areas. She took it upon herself to nurture me and help me truly understand the material even though I was sure that I was going to fail. Then when I was in high school, I became a math tutor to pass that help on and when I had the opportunity to join API and pay it forward, I took it. So now I am a tutor for Elementary Algebra (MAT 096) and I hope I can make a difference in the lives of the students I tutor just as my 8th grade math teacher made a difference for me.



    Hi. My name is Kevin Pinzon. I currently am in my last semester in LaGuardia Community College. I am majoring in Business Administration. Once I graduate I hope to be admitted to either Baruch College or Syracuse University. I intend to earn a Bachelor's degree in Finance or Business Administration. My dream is have my own real estate business.. I intend to learn as much as I can through my college career. This fall 2014 semester, I am an Academic Peer Instruction (API) accounting tutor for LaGuardia.The reason I am majoring in accounting is because I think it is important to learn how to manage your own money. It is in your best interest to organize yourself financially. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy boxing and hope to develop my technique in it.



    My name is Ridima Pradhan. I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College. My major is Liberal Arts, Math and Science. I plan to graduate from LaGuardia with my Associate’s Degree and then transfer to a four year college. I am tutoring the course Elementary Algebra (MATH 096), this semester. Being a part of API has been one of the major achievements in my life. I feel that it has given me a new platform to know my strengths and weaknesses. It also has provided me with the opportunity to make new friends from different parts of the world which in turn is really improving my communication skills. I am excited to be an API tutor this semester and am looking forward to helping students succeed in this course. I will try my best to achieve this important goal. I am enjoying my new position and very much want to learn many new things in the coming days and weeks.



    My name is Metha Prompayuck. I am currently a student at Baruch College. My major is Computer Information Systems, with a minor in Mathematics. I love math since I have never felt as if I had to read too much on the subject. Instead, I can just look at an example and then I can solve similar problems. The reason I started tutoring with the API program was to overcome my fear of public speaking. At that time overcoming this fear was my priority. Now as a tutor, I always try my best to help students understand the concepts of the subject at hand, even though I usually upset myself when they do not understand problems. However, this upset only encourages me to be a better tutor and to try harder.



    Hello everyone! My name is Bhavna Punjwani, and I am currently an API tutor at LaGuardiaCommunity College. The class I tutor is Macroeconomics (SSE 104). I just graduated from LaGuardia in June 2014 with an Associate’s in Applied Science degree in Business Management. I hope that as an API tutor, I will be able to help as many students as possible to graduate on time and not let challenging coursework get in their way!



    Hello everyone! My name is Md Hafizur Rahman. I was born and raised in Bangladesh. After finishing high school in Bangladesh, I came to this country at the end of December 2008. I then started my journey here at LaGuardia in 2010.I am currently a Computer Science major. After graduating from LaGuardia, I want to transfer to a senior college. My career goal is to become a software engineer. I like to take classes and try to meet as many people as I can. As a student, I always try to involve myself in extracurricular activities rather than just take classes.This semester, I am working as an API tutor and I am tutoring Calculus 1. Teaching someone is totally different than learning from others. I think teaching is an essential part of the learning process. As an API tutor, I find the work both rewarding and enjoyable. I feel proud of myself because with this program I can help my fellow students do better in school.I hope that in the future, I can utilize the skills that I have gained so far to take on even more challenges and be able to conquer them. Thanks for visiting my page.



    Hi, my name is Mayra Ramales. I am currently a math and science major, hoping to one day become a Physical Therapist. This semester I will be tutoring Math 96, a course that proved to be very hard but is now something that is second nature to me. I highly enjoy listening to music, learning to play the guitar, doing photography and on my free time getting to review concerts. I also have a deep passion for math and hope to pass on this passion to the students I tutor.



    Hi, everyone. My name is Krishan Roy. I am from Bangladesh, and have been living in the United States since July of 2013. My current major is Liberal arts: SocialScience and Humanities. I want to be a History,and Philosophy professor someday. I am tutoring Elementary Algebra (MAT 096) this fall 14 semester for the program Academic Peer Instruction (API), but what I really like is to critically discuss philosophy and history. When it comes to these subjects, I often create a monologue rather than a dialogue! That is to say, I leave no room for anyone else to talk! However, I am not a bigot, and I am very open to different opinions. Besides math, if you are interested in philosophy, history or literature, feel free to contact me. This is the first time that I am a tutor. Since MAT 096 is a challenging course, we all need to work hard. Practice precedes success, and there is no other option than practice. I expect I will have a unique experience being an API coach, and a LaGuardia student at the same time. I hope to be very much excited to see some happy faces at the end of the semester.



    Hi! My name is Sebastian Sackey and I am currently a sophomore in my third semester at LaGuardia Community College as well as an API tutor in physics. A native of Ghana, I immigrated to the United States in 2000 at the age of six. I attended Samuel Gompers high school for my freshman year and then transferred to the High School of Arts and Technology on the Martin Luther King campus where I finished. My greatest passion is playing soccer, a sport through which I have learned discipline, diligence, and respect. I also enjoy playing chess in my free time. As a student majoring in mechanical engineering, and with an aspiration to have a career in this field, I also have a great love of physics and mathematics. For this reason I found the opportunity to be an API physics tutor the ideal means for me to express that interest. As an API leader, my goal is to engage my students in the subject they are studying and hopefully to help them gain the same passion that I have for this subject. After all, the only way to truly excel in anything in life is to enjoy it!



    Hello everyone. My name is Sara Saleh. I was born in Egypt. My major is Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social Science and Humanities. My dream is to become a math teacher, so it will be a great experience to be an API tutor. This will be the first semester that I tutor statistics (MAT 120). I always love to help others succeed and to achieve their goals in math.



    My name is Cristian San Agustin. I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College. My major is Computer Technology. One of my dreams is to graduate from LaGuardia Community College with an Associate’s Degree and then continue my studies at a four-year college. After I graduate, I’m looking forward to landing a job at a technology company. This semester, I am tutoring Computer Electronics I. Being part of API has been a great experience so far. I particularly enjoy that I am able to tutor students from all backgrounds about the significance of electronics. Most importantly, I am able to tutor this course which I am particularly interested in and enhance not just my students’ knowledge, but my own as well.



    My name is Pitiwat Sangkhanit. I am a mechanical engineering student. Years ago I would not dare imagine myself as an engineering student or even as a college student. I failed all my classes in high school. I was told that my brain would be worth a lot of money if I sold it because it had not been used at all and was like a brand new item. I remember feeling heavily insulted by many people around me. However, now I am a student with a GPA of 3.9! My brain is still the same one I had years ago, but now I use it and I try to push it to its limit. Now I know I can do just almost anything I want if I really try, so I am planning to apply for some of the most challenging schools to test my limits and discover new opportunities. I want to thank LaGuardia Community College for giving me another chance so that I could prove to myself that I can achieve academically. Someday, I would like to be a teacher educating younger generations. I plan to always tell them “You can do almost anything in the world if you only try hard enough.”



    Hi! My name is Dibya Shahi and I am a current student at LaGuardia Community College. I came from Nepal two years ago to pursue further studies.I chose Computer Science as my major because I have wanted to become an engineer from my high school days. Math and physics are my strengths so I really want to do something related to these subjects. Everybody used to say, and some still say, that engineering is just for boys but I don’t believe that and therefore I have never given up on this career goal. I like to spend most of my time doing math but when I am not, I enjoy dancing, doing makeup, sketching and reading.My ambition is to be a Civil Engineer.



    Hello everyone! My name is Min Shin. I am currently studying biology as an international student from South Korea. In Korea, I was originally studying Radiological Science. But the truth is that I wasn't sure that I had the passion to become a radiology technician. So I came to New York on my own, to discover myself with the hope that I could find the career that I really wanted to pursue. In the beginning it was very difficult for me to survive alone in this new environment because of both the language barrier and cultural differences that I experienced. However, everything has changed since I discovered LaGuardia Community College. LaGuardia has not only helped me a lot to adjust to life here in America but also has helped me find my future. I am also so excited that I can work as an API tutor and interact with other peers, and at the same time make a contribution to this college which has already given me so much. I would like to say that if I was able to overcome my difficulties, I believe everyone can, with the help of API tutors like myself!



    My name is Kriti Shrestha. I am a nursing student at LaGuardia Community College. I started studying at LaGuardia in the spring of 2012. I chose to study nursing because I think there is no greater pleasure in life than giving care, love and a smile. Making patients feel better is a major part of a nurse’s role. Since I have enrolled in the nursing program I have had the chance to visit a few hospitals in my clinical roundsand have come to love this profession even more. I love going to the hospitals, talking to patients, teaching them about their health and sometimes learning from them about how important our lives are, and how important it is to follow a healthy lifestyle. I chose to join API because I felt it is one of the programs at the college that helps students just like me.



    Hi! I am Laverne Summers, and I am a Community Health Worker and Human Services major at LaGuardia Community College. I intend to transfer to Hunter College to do an Interdisciplinary CUNY Baccalaureate Degree and then fast forward to either CUNY Law School or NYU to get a law degree (Juris Doctorate). I am an advocate and Immigration issues are my passion. I am also a community grassroots leader and that is why I want to earn a law degree. With this degree I can aim is to be at the decision making level so that I best help the community. I believe very strongly that the policies that affect communities should have input from the people who know them. As a naturalized American my Immigrant background gives me the cultural, socioeconomic and political dynamics that affect others especially the immigrants here in New York City. My personal standard and motto is “Excellence.” I want to see every student excel; not just get by.



    Hi everyone. My name is Vivek Surve. I am an API tutor at LaGuardia Community College tutoring for SCB 203, Anatomy and Physiology. I was born in India and came here with my mother when I was a year and a half old. I am majoring in Childhood Education at LaGuardia Community College. I never had the opportunity to take a biology class before I came to LaGuardia. When I came to LaGuardia and took the Anatomy and Physiology class I became very interested in learning the material and got intensely involved in understanding the human body, especially learning what my body is made of and what goes on to keep it running. The body is very complex and yet we are able to learn about it piece by piece. I feel this course is essential for students who love to learn about themselves and have an ambition to help others to be healthy, happy and well. The Anatomy and Physiology class is also vital for those pursuing medical careers. I feel it is a great privilege and a delight to have had the chance to take an Anatomy and Physiology class here at LaGuardia Community College. I am absolutely thrilled now to be able to share what I have learned in my Anatomy and Physiology class with students here who are curious just like I was and are excited to learn about themselves, grow in their quest for knowledge and pursue their dreams and ambitions.



    Hello everyone. My name is Doris Tamayo. I am from Peru, and came to the UnitedStates seven years ago. I started my journey at LaGuardia Community College during the fall of 2013. Now I am a sophomore majoring in biology. My dream has always been to become a pediatrician. This is why I plan on transferring to a senior college to obtain my Bachelor's Degree and continue my education until I achieve this goal. One of the main reasons why I have chosen to become a pediatrician is because I love interacting with children and helping them with become well. Finally, I am so pleased that API is giving me the opportunity to help students succeed in MAT 96.



    Hello everyone. My name is Anderson Valencia and I am a native New Yorker. I am currently pursuing my degree in psychology. I became interested in psychology because I truly want to understand people. I myself am not a fan of math and now to be a tutor in this subject is actually quite ironic and funny, but I truly do want to help other students succeed and I know that many students struggle with it. Therefore, if I can facilitate better understanding of the material in the course, Elementary Algebra (MAT 96) then I am more than glad to be a tutor for Academic Peer Instruction (API).



    Hi there ! Welcome to my page. I am Yassine Wardei from Morocco. I graduated from LaGuardia Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science in the summer of 2012. As many of our Academic Peer Instruction (API) leaders, my name made it to the Dean’s list each semester. I then transferred to City College to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. I feel a strong connection to LaGuardia and I am willing to give back in any way I can. From my experience working with API and from interacting with students, I can tell you that it is a great program. It not only improves the passing rate of the targeted classes, but also contributes positively to many students’ learning experiences because it introduces concepts and approaches unlike any traditional tutoring method. This semester, I am tutoring (advanced) C++ programming language, namely MAC125. I am determined to do my best to create a fun atmosphere for my students where we can write code and design cool stuff. Just like math, programming is only learned through practice, so I am inviting you to come and enjoy learning this subject.



    Hello, my name is Jinfeng. I am currently tutoring MAT96, Elementary Algebra, as an API tutor at LaGuardia Community College. I have completed the following math courses at LaGuardia: MAT107, Math and the Modern World; MAT115, College Algebra and Trigonometry; MAT200, Pre-Calculus; MAT201, Calculus I; MAT202, Calculus II; and MAT203, Calculus III, receiving an ‘A’ grade in each of these courses. I chose to be a tutor because I have several years of tutoring experience and I enjoy helping students.



    Hello, everyone. My name is Hongyang Zheng. I was born and raised in China.I have been a LaGuardia Community college student since the fall of 2012. My major is Computer Science because I am interested in programming. I was glad to become an API tutor for the course, Introduction to Computer Science (MAC 101). It is a new experience for me. As a college student, I think students should not give up when they feel something is hard to learn. Instead we should try our best to achieve our goals.

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