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    I am Alex. I was born in Taiwan and grew up in Brazil. I have a wonderful family; my wife and three children.
    In the 90s, my wife and I decided to immigrate to the United States.
    In the beginning, life for us was not easy; the most challenging part was the language barrier.  My wife and I also realized that a higher education would give us  better careers.
    I worked as an imaging scanner for about six years.  Three years ago I had an opportunity to switch to another job at Hamilton Madison House. This is a not- for- profit organization founded by the New York City Department of Health and the New York State Office of Mental Health. I work as an assistant case manager.  I enjoy working with my clients, helping them .I am responsible for ESL classes, Basic Computer Skill and Math classes.
    Two years ago, I enrolled at LaGuardia Community College because of its convenient location and flexible schedule for daytime working people. This fall, I decided to become a full time student. The advantage is that a full time student is not only going to get his degree faster but also can get involved in campus activities.
    API tutoring is a great program. Being a tutor for this program, gives me the opportunity to coach and work together with students who are taking a difficult or challenging class. I believe that students who acquire good study skills and the habit of working hard will most likely achieve their goals.



    Hello, my name is Yoonji Angela Chung. I was born in Korea, but came to Queens, NY when I was very young. This is where I call home. I have loved the sciences since I was in 2nd grade when I fell in love with biology and wanted to use this love and passion for something good. So I decided to become a veterinarian. I graduated from LaGuardia with a Liberal Arts Math and Science degree and went to Hunter in pursuit of Pre-vet as a biology major and chemistry minor. In the meantime, my life changed.  I  got married and found a position as a Veterinary Technician while still pursuing my education, I realized that becoming a veterinarian wasn’t a realistic choice so I changed my major to nursing so that I could become a registered nurse (RN). I knew this way I could continue to help others and still be a part of the medical field. So I returned to LaGuardia for Part II. Now I have less than a year to go before graduating from the RN Program, which I absolutely love.
    This is my first time with API, tutoring the course, Medical Surgical Nursing and I have to say that I am enjoying the challenge. I have tutored my whole life here and there, but it was always on an individual basis. However in this situation, I am not a teacher but a friend to my fellow lower classmen of nursing and I get to help them on their journey. When I took this course, I realized that in order to master the art of nursing, my passion must be so strong so that I could overcome the things that almost felt impossible. And at the end, when I realized that I passed and did well, I have to admit that it felt like a life accomplishment. My plan now is to help my fellow classmates  get there as well while, discussing with them on their levels what to do, not as a teacher but as a peer instructor. 


    Hello all! My name is Angela Elia and I was born and raised in a tiny town in rural Wisconsin. I attended a very small environmental liberal arts college called Northland for my undergraduate studies. I pursued and achieved a degree there in Animal and Human Behavioral Psychology. I used this degree to travel all across North America doing everything from tracking wild wolves, bear and osprey, to teaching the blind and people with physical paralysis how to downhill ski with adaptive equipment. Before I moved to NYC, I lived on the side of a mountain in a small log cabin with no electricity and my only means of warming the cabin or cooking was to use the wood burning stove. Every day I could ski down the mountain to get to work and take the last lift to the top of the mountain to get home at night. After ski instructing, I became a wilderness therapy provider for adjudicated and at-risk juveniles. I spent the whole year living in the backcountry, mountains and high desert of Colorado out of a backpack, sleeping under the stars, no matter what the weather. After my contract ended, I was hired by the Boys Club of NY to run their adventure course located in NJ. I moved to the East Coast in 2006. After my contract ended with the Boys Club, I began walking and training companion animals in NYC.
    After seeing how many animals were dropped off and euthanized at the NYC shelters and shelters along the East Coast, I founded a non-profit animal rescue that takes dogs off death row and places them in loving homes. I began attending LaGuardia in the spring of 2013 to pursue a degree in Veterinary Technology. I look forward to being able to expand my knowledge about animals, and use my degree to help even more homeless pets. My goal is to complete LaGuardia and attend Veterinary School to become a DVM. Once this is achieved I am hoping to start a foundation that supplies homeless animals and poor families with appropriate medical care for their companion animals. It hopefully will be part of a larger program that offers sanctuary and rehabilitation to humans and animals. I began tutoring for API this fall 2013 semester and look forward to spreading my passion for learning and life to other students. My hope is that through this position I will help many people have a chance at understanding and mastering difficult subjects to help them pursue their goals in education and in life. 


    Hello, my name is Cristina Mihailescu. I was born in Romania. I am majoring in business at LaGuardia and this is my last semester here.  After graduating from LaGuardia, I am planning to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or International Business at Baruch College.
    As a non-traditional student returning to studies after a long time, someone who has changed my major and is a mother of two, I have had some challenging times while trying to juggle both parenting and student responsibilities.  However, so far I have managed to excel academically through hard work, and by taking advantage of any opportunity that came my way that was offered at LaGuardia. The API program is an example. The tutors I had for both my accounting and pre-calculus classes helped me gain a better understanding of these subjects and increased my confidence.
    I signed up to work as an API tutor hoping I could give back and help many other students. I am tutoring Accounting I this semester and I will try my best to share my knowledge and experience with fellow students. I am hoping to motivate them to be their very best and achieve greater academic results not only in accounting, but for all other subjects. I really want to demonstrate to students that by putting a little bit extra effort into  their studies they can also excel and by doing, so fulfill their professional aspirations.


    Hi! My name is Ed Bagley. I am a former student here at LaGuardia, but now I am a student at Queens College. I was born and raised here in New York City, in the borough of Queens. I am a mathematics major and a secondary education minor. I have been with the API program since the 2008-09 academic year as a tutor. In addition I now have a new role as an API assistant and a mentor for new tutors. I plan on becoming a math professor at the college level. I believe that life presents us with many challenges that we must strive to overcome. There are some that can be done with ease and there are others that take time, but I firmly believe that with persistence we can accomplish them.

    As an API tutor for mathematics, I have the ability to share my knowledge and skills, which I learned from my own experiences in the courses I took. Tutoring is something that I thoroughly enjoy, because there is nothing like the feeling I get when students are having some difficulties with a subject and in some small measure I am able to help them with the course material and can also improve their confidence. I believe in the old saying, "We are all in this together," because success is often only accomplished through teamwork. We also all know that life can be stressful , so I hope that with my help students’ experiences in school will be less stressful and more enjoyable. I also get students to try and achieve their goals both on an academic and professional level. Hope that you enjoy this semester and have some fun at the same time!!!!!! 


    My name is Estefania Llorens, and I am from Venezuela. When I graduated from high school my dream was to come to NYC to study and find new adventures. Now, I can say that both of these goals have been achieved. I am a LaGuardia student majoring in Business Administration: Aviation Management and an API tutor for Mat 096. I apply myself in everything I participate in, and being an API tutor will not be an exception. That is why I will do my best to help my students succeed and achieve their goals as I have done so far with mine. 


    I was born and raised in Korea. At the age of 18, I went to Malaysia to experience a different culture. As an international student, I know how confusing and overwhelming the college experience can be. When I was at Taylors University, I didn’t know if I would fit into this multicultural learning community. During my two years in Malaysia, I successfully assimilated into the English, Malay and Chinese cultures.  I  completed  the “American Degree Transfer Program” in Malaysia in 2012 as an applied science major.  After obtaining my degree,  I realized that  my interests lay elsewhere, so I quickly changed my major to Business Administration when I started at LaGuardia Community College because I wanted to challenge and strengthen myself.
    I realize that I am getting more involved with the LaGuardia community as an Academic Peer Instruction (API)  tutor.  Furthermore I have started to cooperate with others in order to communicate with others at the college. Furthermore,  I have discovered that  interacting with students of different backgrounds has  helped me open my mind.  Becoming a tutor will also help me give back to others. As an API tutor, I can be an active worker who can serve and assist every student who  seeks  assistance from me.  


    Hi! My name is Jackie. I am a tutor of Mat 115 – College Algebra and Trigonometry. I have completed Mat 120, 200, and 201 (Statistics, Pre-calculus and Calculus). I graduated from LaGuardia Community in 2013. I can honestly say that I have gained more confidence and improvement from my everyday learning at the college. I still remember when I took Mat 201. I remember that I found it so hard to understand. Because of my difficulties, I went to API tutoring sessions as much as I could. During the tutoring sessions, the tutor explained the best way to solve the problems. We also did a lot of practice. At the end of these sessions, I got an A in the course. I believe that practice makes perfect. If you have problems with math or any other subject, attend tutoring sessions. Don’t be afraid! Don’t give up.  You can do it!


    Hello! My name is Jinfeng. I am currently tutoring MAT200 (Pre-calculus) as an API tutor and taking MAT201 (Calculus) as a student at LaGuardia Community College.  I have completed MAT107 (Math in the Modern World), MAT115 (College Algebra and Trigonometry), and MAT200 at LaGuardia Community College and received an ‘A’ grade in each class. I chose to be a tutor because I have several years of experience tutoring math classes of various levels, and I really enjoy the process of helping my students learn to solve math problems.


    Hi everyone!  My name is Jonathan Karakostas and I am a mechanical engineering major here at LaGuardia. I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Queens. I started my journey at LaGuardia in the spring of 2012. Now, I am halfway through my Associates degree, a member of PTK and the Dean’s list, former president (founder) of the Robotics Club and former member of the Engineering Club. Before I leave LaGuardia. I will be seeking researching opportunities on campus and hope to run for student government. After completing my two year degree here at LaGuardia, I will be transferring to a four year institution to get my Bachelors in Engineering. I am not stopping there. I intend to go further!
    For the fall 2013 semester, I am an API tutor for Chemistry (SCC 201). API will give me the opportunity to help other students succeed in this subject. I hope to show students that with hard work, practice, and a bit of patience anything is possible but it doesn’t hurt to have a dedicated tutor as well.
    If you have any questions feel free to E-mail me: yourfirstdoctor@gmail.com. Let me know how it goes.  Have a great day!


    Hello all!  My name is Joseph Stoffel, but please call me Joe or Joey. I was born and raised in Queens, NY. I am presently majoring in accounting and would  like  one day to obtain my CPA. Going back to college is just one of the many obstacles I have been able to overcome. However, I feel that when life provides challenges, they build strength and character. A personal motto of mine comes from a quote  by Henry Hartman: “Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”
    With this in mind, my preparation, which has been my academic achievement thus far, has presented me with the opportunity to be an API Leader. Becoming an API leader will allow me to reinforce the knowledge I have gained in accounting, gain  important  leadership skills, and help with my transfer process to a four year college. More importantly, I will be able to take part in helping others achieve their full potential. I will be able to share my success in the classroom with my fellow students so that they will be able to do the same. I hope that this semester will be exciting and enjoyable for all of us. 


    Hi everyone! I am Karen Apicella, and I am a native of Brooklyn. I am now in my third semester here at LaGuardia, majoring in Radiation Technology. I have been tutoring with the API program for a year, and have worked with classes in math and anatomy and physiology. This semester I will be tutoring SCB 204.
    This is my second enrollment in college. I am making a major life change. I used to work representing acting talent, and while I loved helping actors achieve their goals, I felt that something was missing in my life. Now I am doing what it takes to enter the field of Health Technology, where I feel sure that I can help many more people. Courses like Anatomy & Physiology and College Algebra and Trigonometry were challenging, but I know what I want now and I am motivated to attain it which enabled me to succeed in these courses.
    The two semesters of Anatomy and Physiology can be challenging.  There is a lot of information presented in these courses, and they move quickly.  I would like to be able to help students assimilate all that information and build on it to move forward in their chosen health fields.  Positive thinking is important in learning, as in everything else in life, and we can use it to accomplish anything! 


    Hello everyone! My name is Md Hafizur Rahman. I was born and raised in Bangladesh. After finishing high school in Bangladesh, I came to this country at the end of December 2008. I then started my journey here at LaGuardia in 2010.
    I am currently a Computer Science major. After graduating from LaGuardia, I want to transfer to a senior college. My career goal is to become a software engineer. I like to take classes and try to meet as many people as I can. As a student, I always try to involve myself in extracurricular activities rather than just take classes.
    This semester, I am working as an API tutor and I am tutoring Calculus 1. Teaching someone is totally different than learning from others. I think teaching is an essential part of the learning process. As an API tutor, I find the work both rewarding and enjoyable. I feel proud of myself because with this program I can help my fellow students do better in school.
    I hope that in the future, I can utilize the skills that I have gained so far to take on even more challenges and be able to conquer them. Thanks for visiting my page. 


    Hi.  I am Melissa. This is my second semester at LAGCC and I am currently majoring in Liberal Arts (Social Sciences and Humanities).
    This fall I'm excited to be tutoring ELL101 - Introduction to  Language, as it will be the first time this class will have an API leader!  Language is complex and thoroughly fascinating, and I am honored to help students learn about it.
    I have never been a tutor before but I have definitely been a student who has struggled a lot.  There have been many times when I've felt lost and unsupported during my educational experiences.  I want to let  all of you who are in that situation know that you are NOT a lost cause!


    Hi everyone! My name is Nahida Alexander and I am from the beautiful twin islands  of Trinidad and Tobago. My major is Liberal Arts and this is my second year at LaGuardia Community College. I believe in second chances, and enrolling in LaGuardia was the best thing I have done in my life. I  moved  to New York in 2012 and the cultural influences here have been an inspiration for my life. The reason I joined the API program is to help my fellow students accomplish their dreams. I also have a great passion for mathematics, so this semester I am tutoring Mat 115, Introduction to Algebra and Trigonometry, hoping this experience motivates me to aim even higher in my life.


    Hello! My name is Paul and I am from Bed-Sty, Brooklyn. I have been working in the API program as a mathematics tutor for many years. As a result I have found that I not only enjoy the challenge of working with students tutoring different mathematics courses, but I have decided to pursue a career in Applied Mathematics. 


    With the dream of becoming a forensic scientist, I landed in this country on January, 2008. I have recently graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry. I am taking a year’s break to gain experience in the professional world and then go back to school in 2014 to earn a Masters Degree in Forensic Science (toxicology).
    I choose to work as an API tutor because it gives me an opportunity to be surrounded by challenges. I tutored for the first time in Fall 2010 when I was still a student at LaGuardia. The tutoring experience taught me many things: it  built my inner confidence, helped me with anger management skills and organizational skills, and gave me more knowledge of  chemistry.
    The most important skills I think that an API leader should posses are patience when coaching students. When I stood in front of students for the first time, I realized what I was to them: a hope. At that time, a thought also crossed my mind; what if I fail to coach them properly, what if I disappoint their hope? These thoughts constantly pushed me harder to tutor them well, made me approach different methods to assist them and makd them practice constantly on the white board. At times, it was very hard to make them understand materials and at times it was hard for me to handle students.
    owever, the feeling of making a difference even in one student kept me motivated to tutor and here I am once again tutoring chemistry. It is nice to hear when a student says “Aahh.. now I understood what this is,” or “Ohhhh. this is where I made a mistake,” while practicing on the board or hearing other students explain a concept..


    Hello, I am Shah Faisal Mazhar. You can call me “Abir.” My major is Liberal Arts: Math and Science. I’m from Bangladesh. I love math, physics and “Doctor Who.” I am planning to become a theoretical physicist so that I can conduct my own research. I love science because it is the only power that can make us the best species in the world. Isn't it?
    This is my first experience as an API leader and I am excited. API uses a different method of educating students by mentoring & motivating them at the same time. This method is quite unique and very helpful. This fall 2013 semester I am the tutor for a course, Calculus 1, which is the most fundamental course for math, science and engineering majors. So, welcome to all and let the journey begin!!!


    My name is Tenzin Lekshay. I am a Tibetan refugee, born and raised in India. My parents are from Tibet. I am a third semester nursing student here at LaGuardia.  I am tutoring for the Licensed Practical Nursing Program (LPN). The course I am supporting is  Fundamentals of Nursing (SCL 101). I am very honored to have the opportunity to tutor students who are new into the nursing program. This course is very challenging, especially its tests. The tests are very different from what we take during our prerequisites. One needs lot of practice to understand how to answer the questions. I experienced great difficulties initially. So I believe it is a very good opportunity for me to help new students and give back to the school from which I have learned so much. I am hoping my tutoring will help new students have a smooth transition into this challenging and stressful nursing program and also help them with test taking skills.


    Hi fellow LaGuardians!  I am Xiachen Guo, and I am from China.  As a LaGuardia student, I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and want to be an engineer after getting my Bachelor’s degree.  As an API tutor, I am excited to help students make progress in math. 
    Math is a great tool for many fields, but it is often challenging to students. However, based on my experience (I went through from Mat120 to Mat 212), understanding math is usually no more than memorizing the formulas combined with a large amount of practice solving problems.  I think that being good at math requires 1% talent and 99% perspiration.
    Let’s walk, work and practice together to achieve success!  

     YAN LI

    Hi, my name is Yan Li. I came to the United States in 2010 after finishing high school in China. I am currently a student at LaGuardia Community College, majoring in accounting. I am glad to be a tutor for accounting during this fall 2013 semester. My plan is, after getting my Associate’s degree, to transfer to Binghamton University. After graduating from Binghamton University, I would like to work for one of the big four accounting firms. I know it is a very challenging goal, but I wholeheartedly believe that dreams can come true if I make some effort. To sum up, by participating in the API program, I strongly believe that this experience will help me increase my leadership , communication  and critical thinking skills, while at the same time helping my fellow students do better in their accounting course. Thanks for visiting my page.


    Hi there ! Welcome to my page. My name is Yassine Wardei. I came to the U.S. from Morocco in May 2008. I am currently pursuing an A.S degree in Computer Science at LaGuardia Community College. Since this is my last semester, I can proudly say that I have learned a lot during the time I have spent at this college. My aim is to become a computer engineer, and I am solidly determined to succeed and accomplish this goal. Last semester I did an internship at the ‘Math Tutoring Center’ of the school. It was a nice experience that helped me develop my math and communication skills. Now I am an API leader who is excited to be part of this amazing program. It feels so good to see students’ smiles of confidence and satisfaction once I help them overcome difficulties. I am convinced that learning math comes through practice, so I invite you to come and enjoy learning it. 


    Hello everyone! Welcome to my page! My name is Zhiyong Qiu. You can also call me Eric. This is my next to last semester at LaGuardia and I have appreciated every minute here. I am happiest of all because I am currently an API tutor who is able to help students succeed in their studies and get paid for doing so. My dream is to be a medical lab technician. I love science classes so much and have done well in them. The subject I am tutoring is chemistry. Through tutoring students, not only do they get help, but I am also able to enhance my knowledge of this subject. In addition, I feel good every time students have their questions solved during my tutoring sessions. Honestly, right now there is no better experience than being an API tutor. Thank you for reading my brief biography!


    My name is Zoya. I was born and raised in Russia. For the last five years I have been living in the greatest cities of all - New York. I have made a decision to become a nurse and now my dream is coming to reality. I am an enthusiastic person, who loves to help others and share thoughts and ideas. My hobbies are drawing and medical research. I love walks in the park with my friends in fall and spring, and rollerblading the streets of Manhattan in the summer. 

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