• LaGuardia Student Delivers Keynote Presentation at AAC&U 2013 Conference

  • LaGuardia student Amalia Rojas led off the National ePortfolio Symposium, held by the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) in Atlanta.  Amalia was a featured presenter in the kick-off plenary session, along with a student from Spellman College and a student from Clemson University.

    Held in annually conjunction with the AAC&U's national conference, the Symposium had hundreds of attendees and featured presentations from colleges and universities nationwide, including Michigan, Virginia Tech, Georgia, and DePaul, as well as Queensborough, LaGuardia, and Salt Lake Community Colleges.  http://www.aacu.org/meetings/annualmeeting/AM13/ .

    Born in Mexico, Amalia is a Liberal Arts student with a strong interest in theater, linguistics and bilingual education.  Her portfolio was shaped in courses taught by a range of LaGuardia faculty, including Naomi Stubbs, Jason Ramirez, Aaron Rizzeri, Maria Jerskey, and others, including our peer mentor/ePortfolio Consultants.  Amalia's summer 2012 experience at Vassar College, through LaGuardia's Exploring Transfer program, has added depth and perspective to her education. 

    January 23, 2013

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